Celer Network Launches $30,000 Reward Program for Binance Users to Review Their Testnet

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On the heels of the just concluded token sale of the Fetch.ai (FET) tokens, Binance announced the forthcoming token sale of the CELR tokens for the Celer Network project earlier this week. According to Binance’s announcement, CELR tokens will be sold on the Binance Launchpad starting on March 19th. However, if history is any indicator, then the token sale is expected to be oversubscribed similar to its predecessors.

What this means is that several investors will miss out on the opportunity to own CELR tokens despite the highly discounted individual cap of $1,500 equivalent in Binance coin (BNB). Not to be discouraged though, there is a chance to land yourself a few CELR tokens before even the launch date on the Launchpad.

celer binance launchpad

Celer has announced a competition to Binance users (exclusively) who will be willing to help test Celer’s Layer-2 Scaling testnet ahead of the token sale. The prize..? $30,000 in CELR tokens for all the winners but each individual will win a maximum of $20 worth of tokens (at the announced Launchpad exchange rate of 1 CELR = 0.0067 USD).

The competition will run from Saturday 9th March through Sunday 16th next week. If you’re wondering what the participants have to do to win the tokens, well, Celer has a simple task to perform. The announcement states that

“Celer Network will randomly select 1,500 users from all the eligible users that play 10 games of Gomoku on the CelerX beta app.”

Here are some of the terms and conditions that will be applied to the competition:

  • After downloading the CelerX app you will need to enter your Binance.com tester code (also your Binance Referral ID number) to confirm both your entry and eligibility.
  • The $20 value is based on the USD per token price as stated on Binance Launchpad.
  • The maximum amount of downloads for each platform are set at IOS 5,000 & Android 10,000.
  • Users are limited to one entry per account.

The competition is an easy way for investors to get in on the highly anticipated token sale later this month. The rewards may be tiny but it is a good way for Celer to reward its community for helping improve the product.


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