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Cardano partners with Konfidio in driving blockchain adoption

A Berlin-based blockchain firm, Konfidio has partnered with the Cardano Foundation which is bases in Zug, Switzerland to increase blockchain adoption in the corporate world. The two firms reportedly plan to work with big corporations, SMEs, and also the government to realize this project.

This partnership aims at helping businesses develop blockchain-based solutions on the Cardano blockchain. As per reports, the project is set to kick off by first focusing on the banking sector, logistics, pharmaceutical firms, and trade finance. The firms will then continue with more projects on government and public service once the first face is accomplished.

How the project will help the two parties

According to reports, this is the first alliance for the Zug-headquartered foundation that is promoting its mission of making the Cardano blockchain adopted worldwide. According to Nathan Kaiser, Cardano Chairperson, Cardano Foundation is using the partnership to promote their blockchain and also enable businesses to create solutions by harnessing the blockchain’s power. He said;

Cardano CEO
Nathan Kaiser

Our strategic partnership with Konfidio is yet another tangible step towards promoting and advocating Cardano and, more importantly, driving its real-life use cases. Konfidio’s homebase, Berlin, is a major global blockchain center and its worldwide relevance will help us put the spotlight on our one-of-its-kind platform.

He also added that:

Our collaboration will also afford the Cardano Foundation increased visibility in Germany and Europe.

Germany’s biggest SMEs, Mittelstand companies will be part of the firms, together with other startups, that will be used to test the project’s viability. If the project is successful, Mittelstand companies will be able to offer many job opportunities surpassing their current figures: that is 60% of German employment.

In the bid of realizing the goal of the partnership, Konfidio plans to use its own strategy that is built on unlocking value in the global economy using decentralized platforms. The firm affirmed that Cardano blockchain is the best third-generation decentralized platform to work with. Dr. Mervyn G. Maistry, the CEO and founder of Konfidion said that:

Konfidio CEO
Dr. Mervyn G. Maistry

…After having researched all the Turing-complete blockchains, we believe the third generation blockchain of Cardano is best-placed to ensure the stability and business continuity of real-life business models. We are working with both global corporates and the German Mittelstand and will use Cardano’s revolutionary dual-layer architecture in developing complex Turing-complete transaction platforms.

Switzerland has always been at the forefront of accelerating blockchain’s adoption in the region. This partnership between Cardano and Konfidio is just but one of the many blockchain alliances formed. For instance, The Winding Tree is a Switzerland based blockchain firm that partnered with Etidah Airways to digitalize the airline services.

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