Cardano Founder Slams XRP Community: Calls Out ‘Relentless Campaign’ and Challenges XRP Founders

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  • Charles Hoskinson, CEO of Cardano, accuses the XRP community of carrying out an intense campaign of attacks against him.
  • During a question and answer session, he addressed a wide range of topics, including his blockchain project, Cardano, and scientific and political issues.
  • Charles maintains that the attacks against him were coordinated by the core of the XRP project, based on a lie that the founders of XRP refused to acknowledge.

Cardano’s CEO and founder, Charles Hoskinson, has launched harsh criticisms against the XRP community, accusing them of conducting a “relentless and overwhelming” campaign of attacks against him. Charles urged the key figures of the XRP project, including Brad Garlinghouse, to come out and publicly denounce these attacks.

These statements arose during a recent question and answer (AMA) session, where Hoskinson addressed a variety of topics, from his blockchain project, Cardano, to scientific, international political, and lifestyle issues. During the session, one of the guests, allegedly a member of the XRP community, expressed agreement with Hoskinson’s response to the attacks received.

Charles maintains that the attacks were coordinated by the core of the XRP project, based on a lie that even the founders of XRP refused to acknowledge. In an attempt to end this situation, the CEO of Cardano wished for the main figures of the Ripple project to come out and refute these attacks.

cardano hoskinson xrp

What is the Alleged Conflict between Cardano and XRP?

Part of the controversy appears to be related to an ongoing legal case between Ripple and the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regarding the legal status of XRP. A conspiracy theory emerged suggesting that the attacks against XRP aim to eliminate competition for Ethereum, an idea that Hoskinson emphatically rejects.

Cardano’s CEO has also attempted to directly address the existing gap between the Cardano and XRP communities, but claims that the XRP community is not interested in reaching an understanding. According to Charles, there is a lack of willingness on the part of the Ripple community to recognize that both parties are talking past each other.

Hoskinson has made it clear that he never denied the existence of the event known as “ETHGate,” but insists that it is not related to the litigation between XRP and Ripple. His desire to end the campaign of attacks and find a friendly solution to the dispute between the two communities remains evident in his public statements.


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