CamlCase will launch Phoenix, a Mobile Wallet for Tezos

CamlCase will launch Phoenix, a Mobile Wallet for Tezos

Phoenix will be the name of the new mobile wallet for Tezos. CamlCase, a team focused on education and development materials of the Tezos ecosystem, announced the wallet project. Phoenix is an open-source project, and camlCase has been working on that for several months. Tezos Foundation is the primary funder of the project.

Upcoming wallet for iOS & Android Users of Tezos

CamlCase says Phoenix wallet will launch for both popular mobile OSs. The forthcoming app will support significant security standards like FA1.2 and FA2, too. Phoenix will be a non-custodial wallet, meaning the users can recover assets if their mobile phone gets lost or destroyed using a seed phrase. Besides, the private key to access the wallet will be stored in the user phone’s secure enclave.

CamlCase has developed multiple products for Tezos users. Dexter, a decentralized exchange for Tezos, is one of their products. They will integrate the exchange to the upcoming mobile wallet. Users can take benefit of Dexter to swap, send, and receive tokens within Phoenix wallet.

The first version of the Phoenix wallet will launch in the coming weeks as a beta. Interested users can contact the development team to participate in Beta testing.


Future Plans

CamlCase has big plans for the future of Phoenix wallet. They want to add integration with DeFi apps within the app. Integrating Dexter is the first step toward that goal. Further support makes it possible for other developers inside Tezos blockchain to take benefit from the Phoenix application.

Adding support for the upcoming projects of Tezos blockchain is another plan for the future of Phoneix. Beacon is one of the progressing projects for Tezos. Integrating his wallet/dapp makes it possible for users to “connect any web-based dapp supporting this standard,” according to camlCase.

Sapling protocol will soon come to Tezos blockchain. “Sapling is a protocol enabling privacy-preserving transactions of fungible tokens in a decentralized environment.” CamlCase plans to support that integration within Phoenix.

CamlCase wants the Phoenix wallet to become a smart contract wallet. Supporting social fund recovery is one of the most important plans for that future, and camlCase will add that feature, too.

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