BRC-20 Swap Platform UniSat Wallet Reveals Major Developments

BRC-20 Swap Platform UniSat Wallet Reveals Major Developments
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UniSat Wallet, a decentralized exchange platform for BRC-20 tokens, has announced several major updates and features that will enhance its user experience and functionality. The platform, which allows users to swap any BRC-20 token without intermediaries, fees, or KYC, has been gaining popularity among the crypto community for its simplicity and security.

Among the first features coming to UniSat next year is the introduction of a novel scaling solution for Bitcoin. This solution, characterized by its uniqueness and elegance, is designed to be easily understood within a mere 30 seconds. The rest of the list introduces major changes to the BRC-20 platform.

UniSat Has Rolled Out the Red Carpet to Introduce Their Upcoming Features 

BRC-20 Swap Platform UniSat Wallet Reveals Major Developments

  • Free Marketplace for Ordinals: UniSat Wallet has launched a free marketplace for ordinals, which are unique and scarce digital collectibles that can be used as avatars, art, or gaming assets. Users can now trade ordinals with each other without paying any service fees, making it the first and only platform to offer this feature. Ordinals are created by UniSat Wallet’s partner project, Ordinal Protocol, which uses a novel algorithm to generate and verify the uniqueness of each ordinal.

  • New Token Listings: UniSat Wallet has added several new tokens to its platform, including AtomicalsBRCBUSDBNBCAKEBAKEBUNNY, and BSCPAD. Users can now swap these tokens with any other BRC-20 token on UniSat Wallet with ease and convenience. UniSat Wallet also plans to list more tokens in the future, based on user demand and feedback.

  • Improved User Interface and App: UniSat Wallet has improved its user interface to make it more user-friendly and intuitive. Users can now access various features and functions with just a few clicks, such as creating or importing a wallet, connecting to a network, selecting a token, and swapping tokens. UniSat Wallet will also be launching its brand-new app before the end of 2023.

  • Introducing UniSat Indexer: The UniSat Indexer, a mature infrastructure handling over 10 million queries daily, is set to launch a brc20-sats incentivized model in January 2024, open for everyone to deploy and operate. Key features of the UniSat Indexer include Full compliance with the brc-20 standard; Integrated support for brc20-swap; and Support for modular development.

In addition, the service fee in brc20-sats, generated on brc20-swap every block, will be awarded to the indexer that successfully validates and submits the roll-up inscription, mirroring the process on the Bitcoin mainnet. In essence, operating the indexer allows you to earn brc20-sats as rewards. The UniSat Indexer is completely open-source, promoting transparency and collaboration.


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