Brazilian Bank Banco Topázio Partners With Chainalysis to Monitor its Crypto Services

Brazilian Bank Banco Topázio will leverage Chainalysis’s crypto investigation solution Reactor to keep an eye on its crypto services that it provides to its clients.

This will be made possible by a recently announced partnership between Chainalysis and Banco Topázio on Monday, June 22. According to the announcement, this crypto-friendly Brazilian bank will integrate Chainalysis Reactor to its platform to align itself with the forthcoming enforcements by FATF. The crypto regulations have not yet been finalized in Brazil, but the bank is already investing in crypto compliance measures.

Banco Topázio kick-started its operation as a financial institution in 2005 and becoming a bank in 2009. In 2017, the bank transformed its business to evolve with the changing financial landscape. Currently, Topázio focuses on offering products aimed at individuals and companies with credit, foreign exchange, and investment lines.


In financial technology (FinTech), Banco Topázio offers a Bank as a Service API solution to help is partners promote high quality digital services to their end customers. The product suite also includes Topázio exchange, a specialized exchange to meet the needs of remittances and availability and purchase of cryptocurrencies.

Lia Thomazzi Susin, Topázio Exchange Manager, commented:

“We are constantly evolving our exchange processes, seeking technological excellence, a qualified team, and application of the best market practices. And the partnership with Chainalysis contributes a lot in this process, further strengthening the security and integrity of our operations with cryptocurrency.”

Chainalysis is a renowned blockchain forensic firm based in Manhattan, New York. The firm offers best-in-class crypto monitoring and investigation solution to its clients that include financial institutions, governments, and cryptocurrency businesses around the world. These solutions include Know Your Transaction (KYT), investigation software Chainalysis Reactor, and risk assessment solution Chainalysis Kryptos that provides complete profiles of cryptocurrency businesses based on KYC details and the industry’s most trusted blockchain data.


Chainalysis products are experiencing growing demands as the cryptocurrencies are gaining more and more traction. The financial regulators and government around the world are developing new regulatory frameworks to streamline crypto businesses and this has forced businesses to think seriously about the security and reliability of their platforms resulting in growing demands for Chainalysis compliance solutions.

Jason Bonds, Chief Revenue Officer of Chainalysis, about the partnership, stated:

“As one of the first financial institutions openly banking cryptocurrency businesses in Brazil, Banco Topázio is helping to lead the responsible growth of the cryptocurrency industry in Brazil. By working with us, Banco Topázio is setting the compliance standard ahead of the regulatory curve.”

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