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Brave Crypto Wallet’s New Feature will Support ETH and Other Ethereum Tokens Including BAT

According to a blog post on Brave community, there is a new feature on Brave crypto wallet which is a client-side Ethereum wallet with support for ETH and Brave’s native ERC-20 Basic Attention Token (BAT). Brave is an open-source web browser which stepped into crypto space with a successful launch of BAT tokens and the browser’s in-built wallet.

According to the blog post, the wallet supports interaction with decentralized applications, also known as DApps, which makes Brave a Web3 browser. But wallet can not interact with Brave Rewards means user are not able to transfer any Basic Attention Token (BAT) between Brave Rewards and Crypto Wallets as the blog post reads:

“This new feature is a client-side Ethereum wallet with support for ETH and most standard Ethereum tokens & collectibles, including BAT. For now, Crypto Wallets is a standalone component which doesn’t interact with Brave Rewards at all. It allows you to use a local wallet and interact with Dapps, making Brave a fully-featured web3 browser.”

It is a client-side wallet which users use exclusively with their own assets and control their keys by themselves. The Bravo company does not involve in any transaction. This announcement to Brave community, says:

“With Crypto Wallets, you can either manage your keys in a software wallet in Brave or connect a physical hardware wallet, Ledger or Trezor, for more secure key-management.”

According to Alex Wykoff, product manager at Brave, this is not a built-for-everyone feature and crypto wallets are for people who already have a working understanding of cryptocurrency generally, and Ethereum specifically, and know how to use hardware and software wallets together safely.

Talking about the future plans of Brave, he added:

“The next big piece of work will add Uphold support to Crypto Wallets. That’ll let you manage assets in your Uphold account inside of Crypto Wallets, and directly transfer crypto assets between your verified Uphold account, Brave Rewards, and Crypto Wallets.”

Brave also has plans to integrate the client-side Crypto Wallets feature with Brave Rewards, as an alternative to Uphold’s custodial wallet.

Alexis Von Loh
Alexis Von Loh
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