BNB Chain Releases List of 191 Fake Tokens and Untrustworthy DApps

BNB Chain Releases List of 191 Fake Tokens and Untrustworthy DApps
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The BNB Chain blockchain network, built by the Binance cryptocurrency exchange, recently updated its weekly “red alarm list” to include 191 high-risk projects and decentralized apps (DApps) that are now available on the network.

The recently published list displays high-risk dApps on the BNB Chain that may entail frauds or rug pulls and are attributed to considerable risk evaluations

The 191 new projects on BNB Chain that were recently added to the list are either suspected of releasing fraudulent tokens, have exorbitant or opaque tax costs, or are regarded as fraudulent because of the way their websites, Twitter accounts, or other social media handles do not operate.

It should be noted, however, that BNB Chain’s proactive warning is not financial advice and does not reflect the risk level of the underlying DApp projects. The objective is to assist people in conducting research before making investing decisions.

BNB Chain Warns Against Scam dApps in New Red Alarm dApp Risk-List

Among the blockchain projects on the list for April 14th, 2023, are Pinaki, Elvantis, Leech Protocol, Streamflow, OnlyBrain, BNB Daily Finance, XOP Project, TradeTogether, The Cake Monster, and others.

While many of the tokens are tagged as being fake, some of their token contracts contain logical or programming backdoors that are able to drain users’ funds. This indicates that the contract owner or deployer may perform rug pulls by calling privileged functions, dumping their tokens, or migrating the contract at any time.

BNB Chain Warns Against Scam dApps in New Red Alarm dApp Risk-List

A project named “Shorter Finance” could also be found on the “Red Alarm” list. The report maintains that the project’s funds originated from the crypto-mixing service provider Tornado Cash.

Surprisingly, the list also includes some well-known and notable cryptocurrency projects, like Bitcoin, BNB, Binance USD, Cardano, Pax Dollar, and the recently launched Arbitrum (ARB) tokens. This demonstrates that some con artists are creating fraudulent replicas of these well-known coins to entice investors into buying them while being unable to sell them afterward.

However, this once again sounds a critical alarm to crypto investors to be cautious and verify the authenticity of the coins before investing in them. It is advisable to only invest in reputable and established cryptocurrency projects to avoid falling victim to scams like this.

It is important to verify the authenticity of any dApps, whether they are built on the BNB Chain or not, before using them.


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