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Blockfolio Officially Rebrands To FTX

The famous crypto portfolio tracker, Blockfolio rebrands to FTX app in an effort to offer updated features and tools to retail traders worldwide. The app that has been named FTX with some new design changes and tools. It seems that the rebranding is the start of a new era for this application, and we can expect newer features to be added shortly. The user experience hasn’t changed much yet after the initial rebranding.

Moving Toward a 360 Crypto App

There are numerous crypto portfolio trackers in the market. Each of them provides specific features and tools for those who store their assets in exchanges, wallets, dApps, and etc. Blockfolio is one of the leading ones with various features, among which the insight is the most useful for traders. Blockfolio Inc, the company behind the app, has started a partnership with FTX Trading Limited long ago, and the Blockfolio application changed its name to FTX: Blockfolio. Now the two teams have decided to move further and completely rebrand the application to show the plans for offering more services. The app will be called FTX from now on with new designs and maybe more features in the future.

Companies behind FTX and Blockfolio had the plan to integrate the app with the crypto exchange since the acquisition in August 2020. The teams wanted to offer the trading opportunity to newcomers and those who only tracked their assets in the application.

FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried commented on the update:

“The rebrand of FTX: Blockfolio to FTX puts the final cap on our acquisition of Blockfolio, doubling down on our commitment to being the number one crypto trading platform for both retail and institutional users. Rebranding Blockfolio shows our commitment to mobile trading, and is just another step in growing our brand on a global scale and will allow us to bring new features to market and better the user experience.”

As mentioned above, rebranding will come with the chance of trading cryptocurrencies. Based on the location of the users, trading will be available through FTX.com or FTX.us. Usees should first authorize trading on the FTX app before starting to trade. Besides, they should complete the applicable FTX customer identification program.

FTX is one of the popular crypto exchanges in the market, with many new retail traders using it. The latest decision to rebrand Blockfolio and offer trading opportunities in it is on the path to complete offerings and attract more retail traders. It can become a strategic step toward faster expansion of the ecosystem.

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