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Blockchain Healthcare Service Provider Solve.Care Integrates Chainlink

Blockchain Healthcare Service Provider Solve.Care Integrates Chainlink

Solve.Care announced a new partnership with Chainlink. The blockchain healthcare service provider will use Chainlink’s oracles to access to real-world data. 

The form of access Chainlink provides for Solve.Care helps them expand decentralized offerings in the healthcare industry. They plan to implement smart contracts more in their services, and decentralized oracles will help them get off-chain data to trigger those contracts.

Decentralized Healthcare Industry Ahead

Connecting off-chain and on-chain data is a critical part of decentralized services. They need data from non-blockchain devices to process better. Oracles help blockchain networks achieve this form of data and Chainlink provides some of the market-leading solutions.

Solve.Care provides multiple healthcare services like managing patients with diabetes, remote monitoring of patients with chronic ailments, healthcare workforce management well-being, and much more in a blockchain-based system. As a result of the new integration with Chainlink, their customers can leverage smart contracts better to measure their efficiency.

Connecting the off-chain world to the on-chain helps Solve.Care become a more logical choice for healthcare industry players.

“We’re changing the face of healthcare with increased transparency, auditability, and compliance in healthcare delivery,” said Solve.Care CEO Pradeep Goel, “This integration gives us tremendous options to use Chainlink’s secure networks to ensure a more efficient healthcare process across the industry. From individual patient care to practitioners, insurance providers, and medical device industry needs, Chainlink oracles will allow us to address any external data requirements of our smart contract solutions for the healthcare industry. This will lead to greater adoption of blockchain in the healthcare sector.”

The new solution from Solve.Care tries to connect administrators, clinicians, and patients in a trustless manner. Working with Chainlink and accessing real-world data helps them become a fully capable blockchain service. The smart contract execution now becomes more comfortable and more reliable.

The new partnership helps Chainlink expand its partner-base faster to the decentralized healthcare industry. Daniel Kochis, Head of Chainlink Business Development, stated,

“We’re excited to be able to collaborate with Solve.Care in expanding the scope of oracles in their healthcare platform. Chainlink’s oracle network will ensure that Solve.Care smart contracts have secure and reliable access to accurate healthcare data, enabling clinicians, patients, financiers, and regulators to accomplish better healthcare outcomes with much greater efficiency.”

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