Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) Announces the Return of MakerDAO, Ubisoft, AMD, and Animoca Brand to the Alliance

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Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA), a coalition of over 90 gaming and blockchain companies, has appointed the COO and co-founder of The Sandbox Game Sébastien Borget as the president of the alliance. The alliance also announced that Ubisoft, AMD, Animoca Brands and MakerDAO have returned as 2020 sponsor.

The Twitter handle of BGA announced the news on Monday, March 30. According to the press release made available to media, Borget appointment followed his joining as a board member.

Sébastien Borget, is the co-founder and COO of The Sandbox, a Blockchain-based gaming platform.

The Sandbox is a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, an innovative gaming and blockchain company based in Hong Kong.

According to BGA, Borget will bring his 10 years’ experience of gaming business to the alliance that will help the industry adoption of blockchain technology in ways that expand player possibilities without introducing barriers to play.


Borget is also an active speaker and evangelist for the benefits that Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) bring to gaming. He, on his new role, commeted:

“I’m a strong believer in aligning the interests of players, creators, and game developers and will continue to encourage true ownership for game players and creators through the inclusion of the blockchain industry. I’m honoured to lead Blockchain Game Alliance and my goal is to make BGA’s effective advocacy even stronger as blockchain gaming moves forward, leveraging my track record, network and influence in the industry to increase its reach globally.”

Manon Burgel, outgoing president of BGA, said:

“Sébastien Borget has been an active community member in the blockchain game space for years, and we’re delighted to elect him as the new President of the Blockchain Game Alliance. The BGA seeks to foster collaboration opportunities and encourage blockchain adoption in video games. In 2020 we’re looking to represent blockchain game companies at traditional video game industry events and the support we’ve received from industry luminaries like Ubisoft, AMD, and MakerDAO strongly facilitates that goal.”

Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA), founded in 2019, is a group of 90 gaming and blockchain companies that are committed to the adoption of blockchain technologies in gaming broadening Blockchain technology appeal beyond financial applications.

BGA said the return of companies like Ubisoft, AMD, Animoca Brands, and MakerDAO the alliance would help fulfil its mission represent blockchain gaming at major game industry events.

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