Blockchain Capital Announces Closing of $580 Million Funds

Blockchain Capital Announces Closing of $580 Million Funds
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Blockchain Capital has recently announced the closing of two new funds which account for almost $580 million. These funds were generated for investment in infrastructure, gaming, and decentralized finances (DeFi), along with both consumer and social technologies. These funds would operate as Blockchain Capital’s sixth early-stage fund and its first opportunity fund, which would serve as an inroad to all the companies that have already secured major funding from other sources.

As per the official statement, the main area of focus is to elevate personal empowerment by granting individuals control over their digital and financial lives. However, that would only be made possible through a series of innovative blockchain-enabled applications and services. This serves as the vision of a democratized and distributed future that would guide the platform’s passion and its decisions. Furthermore, the total sum of $580 million would be split into two parts. The first part of $380 million would go to the early-stage fund, whereas the rest would be reserved for the opportunity fund.

Blockchain Capital Rewrites History

Blockchain Capital Rewrites History

It is still a matter of conjecture what types of projects would be prioritized in the long run. Furthermore, the recent press release has made it evident that Blockchain Capital’s strategy is not only about sectors. Instead, it is more about harnessing the capabilities of blockchain technology in an effort to realign incentives, re-establish user trust, and reengineer the social contract of the rapidly developing digital world.

In its recent press release, Blockchain Capital mentioned that the shortcomings within the crypto market since the previous year have highlighted the hazards of short-term thinking and have exposed many who misjudged the technology. Apart from that, the platform has invested more capital in the next generation of innovators in comparison to others.

The latest closed funds are among the largest in the history of cryptocurrency and blockchain. They are also the most ever generated by Blockchain Capital. However, this generation of funds does not suggest that the firm intends to increase the size of its funds. At the same time, it was clarified that Blockchain Capital has no plans to become an AI fund or a hedge fund.


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