Blockchain Business for Dummies: Aragon Creates and Manages Decentralized Business

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If you’ve always dreamed of putting together a blockchain business, but don’t know where to start? Aragon is the helping hand you need.

Prices may be suggesting that speculative cryptocurrency purchases are slowing, but so is much of the economy. Thanks to Coronavirus concerns, oil prices plummeting, and just about everyone self-quarantining- prices of crypto across the board are at an all-time low.

So what should you be doing with all of this downtime and rock bottom crypto pricing? I think you see where we’re going. But if not- allows us to take a page from Aragon’s book and spell it out for you:

Get on your bitcoin exchange and start researching. Exchanges like are still turning over some decent trades despite the downturn. And there’s no better time than the present to start buying up those novel cryptos. At mere pennies.

The ANT Token

Aragon’s token, ANT is probably one of the best up and coming cryptos to snag hold of currently. With markets in a slump, prices of the token have dropped below its reasonable ICO price. Which makes it easy for traders to break into the crypto tech game, and secure enough tokens for a decent say in what will happen in the future.

As many other crypto tokens, what makes ANT so delightfully enticing isn’t necessarily the inherent value of the token itself, but the projected value of the technology it fuels.

ANT tokens fuel the Aragon network. A decentralized application (dApp) that has some very practical uses for the future. Aragon helps any company, or any person, set up blockchain business- for just about any purpose.

One of the biggest barriers to blockchain businesses right now is that so many corporations and companies lack the expertise to break into the on-chain functionality. Where blockchain business opens global trade routes and lower overhead prices, ensures ease of ultra-secure contracts, and may even make it simpler for companies to employ independent contractors, we still don’t see many businesses clamoring to snag a spot on the chain.

This is largely due to fears and concerns revolving lack of familiarity and expertise of the system. So, like that annoyingly helpful paperclip of Microsofts ‘97 Office Suite rollout, Aragon promises to take businesses by the hand in real-time.

How Does Aragon Work?

Aragon works by offering any business a financially viable way to set up a business on blockchain by utilizing easy to understand and customize modules. An essential “walk-through” for any business wanting that on-chain flexibility.

These modules allow for tight control over the critical aspects of any company: accounting, governance, and identity. Currently, the platform offers out of the box modules addressing:

  • Identity management
  • Ownership
  • Access Control
  • Shareholder voting
  • Fundraising
  • HR onboarding
  • Payroll
  • Accounts receivable/payable

With each module providing a simple “on/off” function that allows for quick customization as a company grows. Furthermore, the code behind the platform is fully open-source, meaning that the new company’s development team can easily edit and customize all modules to tailor fit the company itself. Making the platform a perfect scaffolding for any business model, goods or services. Even NPOs could greatly benefit from the proposed ecosystem.

The System of Smart Contracts and Aragon

Doubly important, if there is any part of the Aragon platform that isn’t addressed by the network itself, on-chain businesses can use Ethereum’s smart contracts to easily find a node that can create the exact system business is looking for.

The reality is, that once any business or organization is on-chain, finding developers, funding, and global personnel is simple and extremely cost-effective. Making it so that you’ll never have to keep these types of positions filled full-time. As the ecosystem opens businesses up to an expansive world of independent contractors.

Aragon developers themselves have proposed a number of outside of the box functionalities from the software- above and beyond helping set up an on-chain business. Things like reward systems for political supporters when their candidate adheres to the promises they’ve made. Or enhanced analytics and accounting services that can add data visualization and analysis to the functional aspects of an on-chain business.

The limits to what this network could conceivably do for blockchain business and global trade are seemingly endless. Making ANT a ground floor token worth looking into, even if you’re not convinced your business is ready for Aragon just yet.

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