Blockchain Activity Surges: NFT Dapps Near 1 Million Daily Active Wallets, DeFi TVL Hits $159 Billion

Blockchain Activity Surges: NFT Dapps Near 1 Million Daily Active Wallets, DeFi TVL Hits $159 Billion
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  • February 2024 marks an all-time high with 6.7 million daily unique active wallets in the decentralized applications (Dapp) industry.
  • The DeFi sector reaches a TVL of $159 billion, with Ethereum maintaining a 74% dominance.
  • Despite security challenges, the NFT market remains strong, with Magic Eden emerging as a key competitor to OpenSea.

The month of February 2024 marked an unprecedented milestone in the decentralized application (Dapp) industry, with an impressive record of 6.7 million daily unique active wallets (dUAW).

This historical milestone coincides with the unstoppable rise in the price of Bitcoin, suggesting a market on the verge of a new bullish cycle.

The DeFi (Decentralized Finance) sector has seen phenomenal growth, with total value locked (TVL) reaching $159 billion, the highest level since May 2022.

Ethereum remains the undisputed leader in DeFi, with a 74% market share.

This dominance is reinforced by speculation about the launch of an Ethereum ETF and major improvements such as the Dencun protocol and the launch of Uniswap v4.

Despite a slight decline in trading volume, the NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) market remains robust, with $1.3 billion in trading volume and over 5 million sales.

It highlights the rise of Magic Eden as a major competitor against OpenSea, demonstrating the growing competition in the NFT marketplaces space.

Blockchain games continue to be the dominant force in the Dapp industry

With almost 2 million dUAW daily, the trend is supported by the presence of gaming-related NFT collections in the highest rankings.

Record in Blockchain Activity: Almost 1 Million Daily Active Wallets in NFT Dapps

However, as the industry experienced notable growth, it also encountered significant obstacles, particularly in the realm of cybersecurity.

The month saw a series of setbacks as exploits and hacks led to substantial losses totaling $148 million.

These incidents served as a stark reminder of the ever-present threat posed by malicious actors in the blockchain space.

They underscored the critical importance of implementing robust security measures to safeguard users assets and maintain trust in the burgeoning ecosystem.

February 2024 proved to be a pivotal month for the Dapp industry, marked by remarkable accomplishments alongside persistent hurdles.

With record active wallets and steady growth in DeFi, NFT, and blockchain gaming, the industry is ready to embrace a new bull cycle.

However, security remains a crucial concern that must be addressed to ensure sustainable and healthy growth in the future.


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