BlockApps Partners With Blockchain Consulting Firm Optimum

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Blockchain technology is making new strides every day and now it will be used to track energy usage as BlockApps, the leading provider of blockchain technology focused on business networks, has entered into a strategic partnership with modern software consulting company Optimum.

BlockApps announced the move in a press release published on Friday, March 27. Both the companies will work together to develop a blockchain-enabled solution for tracking energy usage.

According to the press release, the Optimum is now member of Global BlockApps Partner Network—a network of technology and service providers combined with blockchain experts across industries that leverages BlockApp’s blockchain-powered business network platform STRATO.

BlockApps said that a verifiable energy usage tracking is a mission-critical need for the energy industry because the industry is intense after recent economic shocks. It essential to have solution in place to improve management of future shocks in supply and demand and therefore Optimum’s significance experience in oil and gas industry is a valuable and timely addition to the BlockApps Partner Network.

“Optimum will utilize the field-tested, enterprise-grade security, interoperability and scalability of BlockApps’ STRATO platform to develop and customize solutions that address the unique needs and challenges of their clients,” the announcement reads.


BlockApps, founded in 2015, provides blockchain solution to enterprises. The company was incubated out of Consensys and has offered its clients several industry innovations including a Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) platform called STRATO.

This flexible blockchain solution serves as the base layer for secure business network transactions and activity, and can be configured for many types business activities.

Kieren James-Lubin, BlockApps president and CEO, commented:

“We’re thrilled to initiate our partnership with Optimum – their deep experience with large-scale energy solutions for the enterprise and government will help ensure our STRATO energy tracking solution meets the production-level needs of our customers and continues to scale effectively.”

Optimum is a modern software solutions and services firm that offers a full suite of services to its clients that includes blockchain solutions and consulting service, systems integration, business process automation, software design and development, and cloud-based solutions.

The company’s blockchain solutions and services span across multiple of industries ranging from banking and financial services, energy and oil & gas, government, retail, entertainment, supply chain, healthcare, to agricultural organizations.

Nooshin Yazhari, president of Optimum, commented:

“By utilizing the BlockApps’ innovative platform and our in-house industry and technology expertise, Optimum can now provide and expand the power of Blockchain and IoT solutions to the Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, and Construction marketplace as well as other industries and sectors. The BlockApps’ STRATO platform is an extremely powerful tool for us to be able to bring the power of blockchain to our clients, while significantly reducing the complexity, uncertainty, time, and cost that is usually associated with other blockchain implementations.”

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