Blackpin Partners with IOTA to Use Tangle in Its B2B Communication Platform


IOTA Foundation announced a new partnership that involves more usage for Tangle. Blackpin is the new partner that has chosen Tangle as their underlying DLT technology for a B2B communication and transaction platform. Focused on the European market, Blackpin tries to expand its services for companies looking for better ways to communicate. Their new decision is toward that goal that involves integrating a blockchain system.

Blockchain Helping B2B Communications

The COVID era has had lots of impacts on the business sector. Many companies have changed their policy toward remote-work, and most of them need new solutions for managing communications. Blackpin has acknowledged the need and provided useful tools for companies in the European market. They now plan to implement Tangle blockchain from IOTA to improve the security in their services.

Blackpin solutions focus on communications between companies. They try to strengthen the security in the services to be able to serve the legal-based needs. Sandra Jörg, CEO of Blackpin, said:

“Indeed, we still have a lot to do. Similar to WeChat in China in the C2C area, our technology in the B2B area should be used throughout Europe if possible. We are, therefore, all the more pleased that we were able to win two such strong partners for this project. With Tobias Schmailzl as the new CTO at Blackpin, we have a very experienced and visionary expert on board, so we are perfectly positioned to make our vision a reality together. We are very much looking forward to future cooperation.”


IOTA is one of those blockchains that focus on the security of data exchange. Mainly focused on IoT use-cases, the underlying blockchain technology in IOTA can be used in many sectors. The teams behind Tangle blockchain in IOTA have worked hard to make it useful for secure data exchange. Their partnership with Blackpin shows that traditional tech companies have accepted their capabilities. Lots of new features in IOTA like Digital Identity, Smart Contracts, Digital Asset Management, and Micropayments can help Blackpin improve its services.

The open-source nature of IOTA makes it an excellent choice for companies looking for an easy-to-improve solution. Dominik Schiener, the co-founder of IOTA, confirms:

“For the realization of these digital workflows, we are the right choice with our open source solution for such an innovative, technologically sophisticated, and future-oriented project. We see Blackpin as the perfect front-end to enable millions of users to access our technology. That’s why we want to take on this challenge together as partners to build a solution for the agile working of the future – independent of place and time, in a digital world of tomorrow.”

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