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Bitsgap Crypto Trading Bot
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Bitsgap is a trading bot that helps users set automated tradings on various crypto exchanges like Binance, Bitfinex, Kraken, and many more. The trading bot has many use-cases and can help traders do automated buying and selling without the least interference. The algorithm in this automated trading bot sets buy and sell orders in target markets. It finds the best selling and buying spots for the pairs the user chooses. Bitsgap connects to trader’s accounts on exchanges and handles the trading for them. Users can try the interface and features in a 14-day trial, demo mode, or Backtest for free.

Bitsgap Features

Using a trading bot for finding the best sell and buy spots in fluctuating markets is a strategic decision. You can config the robot once and benefit from an automated trading system for a long time. Some of the features of Bitsgap for traders are:

  • Smart and easy strategy design with just a few clicks
  • Free demo and 14-day trial
  • Preset strategies for beginner users
  • Smart charts from TradingView
  • Cloud-based service without any need to download

Bitsgap trading bot has many features and tools available for automated trading. Below you can read more about various parts of this tool.


Bitsgap has a multi-exchange trading platform. In simple terms, you can connect the trading bot to various exchanges. It will deploy the trading strategies for each exchange without the need to pay extra fees. Famous cryptic exchanges like Binance, OKEX, KuCoin, Kraken, and many more are supported on this bot.

The trading terminal on Bitsgap offers various features for traders. It shows the crypto pair charts with the help of TradingView API. There are more than 100 indicators and 50 smart drawing tools available on the terminal. Twelve types of charts are available, and users can visualize their trading as well. There is no need to open the exchange account, and traders can change or cancel their positions from the chart.


A good trading bot should suggest trading pairs to users. Bitsgap analyzes thousands of crypto pairs and suggests the best opportunities to users. It shows you the pairs with the highest growth potential every day. Besides, you can set smart orders to minimize your risks when trading these potential pairs. You can filter the suggested signals based on raise percentage, signal strength, exchange, and detection time.


Buying crypto on one exchange and selling it on another one with higher prices is a smart strategy that some traders run. Bitsgap helps you find the best opportunities for selling your bought crypto. It offers both crypto and fiat arbitrage with calculating the fees inside suggestions. In simple terms, the automated trading bot helps you monitor the market more accurately.


The automated trading bot lets you monitor your assets on time. There is no need to add your bought or sold crypto manually. The trading bot calculates the holdings automatically thanks to integration with crypto exchanges. Bitsgap supports more than 1800 crypto assets automatically from all your connected exchange accounts.


Bitsgap lets you try the automatic trading bot for free to see the features in live-action. You just sign-up for a free demo account. The account will give simulated money to let you trade and gain experience with the bot. The demo account supports five crypto exchanges with live data. You can test trading, signals, and the trading bot in the demo account.

How to Use Bitsgap

You should create an account for using Bitsgap. Follow the steps below to create an account and start using the automated trading bot.

  1. Visit Bitsgap’s website on Bitsgap.com.

  2. Click on Get Started

  3. Sign-up using your email, Google, or Facebook account.

  1. A confirmation email will be sent to your address. Click on the link in it and complete registration.

Do not forget that for any questions or queries you can visit the Bitsgap help center.


After logging in to your Bitsgap account, you see an interface like trading interfaces on exchanges. There are various tools and features available on this interface.

The main part of the interface shows a TradingView chart with familiar tools like drawings and indicators. You can customize the chart by changing the trading pair and/or drawing indicators. The upper menu shows various features: Trading, Bots, Signals, Arbitrage, Portfolio, and My Exchanges:


The Trading page lets you place orders for preferred pairs on connected exchanges. It has a similar interface to crypto exchanges with the order book, chart, limit, order, and stop-limit orders, and etc. The biggest difference is that you can choose different exchanges on this page.


The Bots page is where you design and run automated trading strategies. You can start a bot on a connected exchange or use Backtest to just test the strategy. There are three strategies available for the bot: SBot, Classic Bot, and Combo Bot. SBot is the most efficient one with higher returns. After choosing the Strategy, you should choose the exchange, the pair, and the amount of investment. You can enable Trailing Up in the bot menu. It will automatically move the grid up when the price increases and also move the stop-loss limit. Take Profit and Stop Loss can be enabled to automatically sell the asset at profit or loss.


The Signals page shows suggested signals by Bitsgap. It calculates the market anomalies for various crypto pairs in different exchanges and suggests the potential ones. The signals table shows useful information:

  • Pair: The potential trading pair
  • Detected Price: The price of the pair at the time of detection
  • Current Price: The price of the pair on-time
  • Change: The gains or losses of the pair since the time of detection
  • Exchange
  • Detected: The time of detection for the pair
  • Level: The potential level of the pair

When you connect exchanges to Bitsgap, you can automatically trade the signals from this interface without the need for changing your exchanges.


This page shows the price of pairs in various exchanges. The list compares the price between two pairs with the most differences. It also shows the profit you earn if you buy the pair and sell it on the other exchange.


You can track all of your holdings, profits, and losses in different exchanges on this page. It shows the ROI for each asset in 27h, seven days, and 30 days next to the Total ROI.

My Exchanges

This page shows all of your connected exchanges in one place. You can connect exchanges using the APIs they provide. Don’t forget to set the accesses correctly, so you can trade directly from the Bitsgap interface.

Demo Mode

As mentioned above, Bitsgap has a demo mode that lets you test the features and strategies with fake money and real-time prices. You can enable the demo mode by clicking the profile picture on the top right corner of the main interface. After enabling the mode, you can see some demo assets in your portfolio. Besides, some exchanges will be on the My exchange page showing demo connection to famous ones like Binance and Bitfinex. You can use these demo connections and assets for testing signals, your trading strategy, and the trading bot.


Bitsgap is free for the first 14 days. It offers three payment plans after the trial ends. The plans are different in features. You can see the differences in the image below.

All of the plans support more than 25 exchanges and more than 10,000 trading pairs. Most of the features are available in all plans. The biggest difference is in the monthly trading limit.

About Bitsgap Team

Bitsgap team includes trading experts, security experts, and marketers. The project has started without ICO or any other initial investment. The team focuses on developing new features based on the needs they receive from users. Cointraffic and Admiral Markets are the primary supporters of Bitsgap. You can see the full team members below.


Trading bots are very helpful for those users who need an accurate and fast trading strategy. They help traders set automatic trading thresholds and have ease of mind when trading in different exchanges. Bitsgap is one of the best trading bots that offers various features to users. The demo account is great for those users who need to test the features before putting their money on it. It can remove lots of challenges for tradings with the support of various exchanges and a vast number of trading pairs.


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