Bitnovo adds support for Litecoin on its debit card

Bitnovo adds support for Litecoin on its debit card
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Spanish startup founded in mid-2014 Bitnovo has just launched Litecoin support through its cryptocurrency debit card called “BitCard“.

According to the statement published on the company’s website, the card can now be used in about 20,000 commercial stores throughout Europe and it is supported by decentralized technology, ruling out the need to have an associated banking account.

Any customer can sign up to only apply for the card, if they wishes to, eliminating the traditionally tedious banking procedure. In addition, the cardholder can use it to make instant payments or transfer euros.

The process is similar to that where a customer adds balance to a cell phone. The user only has to sell cryptocurrencies to Bitnovo and immediately they will be credited as balance on their BitCard.

The card can be used at any of Bitnovo’s ATMs and reloaded with 3 different cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Dash and Litecoin.

Bitnovo ensures that the card is 100% safe and also offers the user the possibility of receiving it in direct shipment to his or her house door, only 5 days after having requested it.

Bitcoin, Dash y Litecoin

BitCard’s advantages

In addition to the benefits offered by any cryptographic debit card compatible with Litecoin (LTC), such as Wirex, Shift Card, MCO, Revolut or Cryptopay, such as the ease of checking the balance or  a customer support team available for inquiries or to clarify doubts, BitCard has other characteristics and advantages.

One of them is that it has considerably lower limitations in regards to the “Know Your Client” (KYC) policy, meaning less paperwork and bureaucracy for a potential client when it comes to applying for one of these financial products.

On the other hand, the fact that the BitCard does not necessarily have to be linked with a bank account implies the inclusion of a significant number of people around the world who has no access to the financial system whatsoever.

Other significant benefit, is that when a client makes the request, the beneficiary may choose between three different levels of BitCard, depending on the amount of money he wishes to use on the card, also allowing the possibility to close or replace it for another with a higher limit at any given time.

Easy recharge

Adding balance to BitCard is quite simple. All you have to do is access to the link and enter the card’s ID number and the user’s telephone number and email.

Then you will get the wallet’s address to send the funds, and once Bitnovo validates the transaction, the client will have the balance in his prepaid card.


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