Bitmain and its new generation of miners Antminer S15 and T15

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These days have been very moving in the crypto industry thanks to the news of companies that make life in an important way in the cryptographic space. Bitfury has launched a new chip, in addition to successfully completing a private round of financing. And the giant Bitmain, the most valuable company in the cryptocurrency industry, has announced that it will launch its next generation of ASIC chip miners.

Beijing-based Bitmain made it known through its social networks this week that it will start taking orders in advance for the Antminer S15 and the Antminer T15, its new highly anticipated ASIC mining equipment.

As for the equipment itself, the Antminer S15 and the Antminer T15 are the successors of the Antminer S9 and the Antminer T9 respectively, and bring ASIC chips of 7nm Bitmain, which are the novelty in this matter.

According to Bitmain, the BM1391 chip brings significant efficiency improvements over its previous line, a chip that can achieve a maximum power consumption rate of 42W / TH. More precise details about the new devices have not yet been provided by Bitmain, however the pre-ordering is activated.

Both the Antminer S15 and the Antminer T15 will be able to mine bitcoin (BTC), bitcoin cash (BCH) and other cryptocurrency algorithms SHA256.

Antminer S15 & T15

The presentation of these new Bitmain devices also come in a sequence of events relevant to the company, such as the start of their quotations on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX), through a public offering of shares that is expected to be the most great in the history of the industry so far.

After an apparent demonstration of strength to drive a financial and commercial expansion, the things we are observing could be the answer to a situation of potential financial weakness motivated by the special circumstances of the crypto market these months.

Overly optimistic market forecasts have been an evil that has affected many in the industry and it seems that it will not be extinguished yet. Another of the circumstantial factors of market to take into account in this equation of forecasts is that Bitmain and the other large manufacturers of mining equipment could see a significant decrease in sales revenue from their equipment in the US  as a product of the new commercial policies adopted by the Trump administration.

Given such peculiar market conditions, it is essential to make intelligent movements and, in conjunction with demonstrations of ability and capacity to generate products and responses. This is what we can observe of the two big ones in the crypto-mining industry Bitmain and Bitfury which in quite similar ways are moving these days.


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