Bitfinex Released Honey Framework UI v3.1 Adding Better Support for MacOS

Bitfinex Published New Honey Framework UI v3.1.1

Bitfinex launched the latest version of its open-source charting library, Honey Framework. The latest version is v3.1 and, according to the exchange, has significant changes in usability and adding some new chart libraries and order types.

“The Honey Framework V3.1 is here! Enhance your trading experience now with the Bitfinex open-source charting library and a brand new algo order, the Limit OCO,” tweeted Bitfinex.

New Features in Honey Framework V3.1

Bitfinex first introduced Honey Framework as an open-source toolkit for traders. Users of Bitfinex exchange can use this UI on various platforms like Windows, Linux, and macOS to implement custom trading strategies and order types.

Users can connect their strategy from their servers to the trading engine on Bitfinex. Bitfinex aims to develop Hone Framework to become an “open marketplace, whereby users can share & purchase trading strategies and custom order signals from other users.”

Honey Framework v3.1 launched with minor bug fixes. But the real change in the recent version is adding support building for macOS from Linux build servers.

macOS Mojave has been one of the biggest problems for the HF developing team, because of the changes that happened on the default unzipping tool in that OS. Those challenges made it difficult for the building servers of Bitifex based on Linux, to make a proper zip package for Mojave. The problem is solved in the new version, and users can now download a full working version.

The other significant change in HF v3.1 is the addition of a new charting library. HF used TradingView as the default charting library. Users can still access that library in the settings menu, but the HF team developed a new open-source library for UI, too. The new library makes it easier to integrate orders & strategies into the main terminal.

Limit OCO is another change that happened on UF v3.1 and also Bitfinex’s main platform. This is an order type that:

“once executed, submits and OCO conditional order.” Bitfinex describes Limit OCO: “This order type is useful in lots of different ways, one of the most popular uses is the ability to set a limit order which already has a take-profit and stop-loss defined.”

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