Bitfinex Announced Lender Pro; An Automatic Crypto Lending Platform

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Bitfinex launched a new service focused on improving the efficiency of asset holding in its platform. Lending Pro is the new automatic service that eases the process of lending and borrowing for Bitfinex users.

Users can set some specifications, and Lending Pro will manage lending using automated technologies and new features. The final result happens in the P2P lending marketplace that Bitfinex has developed.

Each user sets some preferred situations, and the system will offer and extend lendings based on those settings and market conditions.

The crypto exchange calls the system an automated platform for earing from crypto holdings.

“Lending Pro potentially allows users to optimize their management of crypto funding in the platform’s peer-to-peer lending portal,” according to Bitfinex.


Advanced New Features in Bitfinex Lending Pro

Bitfinex has implemented multiple features and services in its new platform to provide better user experience in an automated lending system. Some of the new features include:

  • Calculator page: providing a Standard and Compounded Summary, allowing users to make better projections on their potential earnings. They can look at the results of the calculation to choose better settings for automated lending.
  • Rates panel: you can choose between the Lending and Lending Pro panel in this section.
  • Order Form: This form is enhanced to enable users to make bids or offers for all currencies on a single page. A decision that surely is focused on user experience.
  • Balances panel: displaying a user’s cumulative holdings. Besides, it provides a detailed breakdown per cryptocurrency.
  • Today’s Earnings panel: You can monitor your daily earnings and value per each cryptocurrency in this panel
  • Distribution panel: enabling users to evaluate lending distributions and identify tokens offering the highest interest rates

Lending pro is accessible for all of Bitfinex traders. They can find the new platform in the Funding dropdown of the trading account. At the end of the announcement, Bitfinex warns users to use Lending Pro with complete knowledge about the trading and lending systems:

“Lending Pro is strictly an order routing system that implements offers and extensions of funding on a user’s behalf in the peer-to-peer lending marketplace on Bitfinex. Lending Pro cannot evaluate a user’s personal investment criteria and circumstances”.

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