Bitcoin Prime: What is the Fee Structure?

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Do you have savings a want to invest in cryptocurrency? Then you must be thinking like many others that what is cryptocurrency and how it works because it does not have any actual presence. Being a virtual or digital currency, crypto is always taken as a scam or something related to it.

To avoid this confusing and frustrating situation, similarly, ignore these questions as you ignored the process of mining and making gold while investing in it. Cryptocurrency has become one of the most profitable trading markets in the present time so just take advantage of this fact.

Being a complicated type of currency, most of us find it difficult to invest and trade in Bitcoin. The unrealistic rise and fall in the value of cryptocurrencies make them a more tough and horrible commodity to invest in.

But what if a robot just like Bitcoin Prime will do trades on your behalf and earn money? It sounds good and exciting, does not it?

Bitcoin Prime is a robot that is powered by advanced high-tech technologies that monitor and analyzes the crypto market. The robot processes this information in real-time and makes profitable trades on your behalf to increase the volume of your account.

The most frequent question asked about Bitcoin Prime is what fee do you have to pay to create an account? All your queries related to this are answered briefly below. Just check out to find the answer and end your confusion.

What is the fee structure of Bitcoin Prime?

To earn money through Bitcoin Prime, you do not need to worry about fees and commissions.

You do not have to pay a huge amount in terms of registration or withdrawal fee.

Here is the complete schedule of fees and commissions made by Bitcoin Prime.

Deposit fees

There are no such deposit fees set by Bitcoin Prime. You just have to invest a minimum amount of $250 to get started your account to earn profit. Bitcoin Prime does not cut any percentage as deposit fees. This amount is used as a first deposit.

Account Fees

Bitcoin Prime does not charge any fees as account fees. There is no monthly, yearly, or quarterly fee to run your account. Once you have a login to Bitcoin Prime and live your account, you will start receiving your profit.

Trading fees

Bitcoin Prime deducts only 2% commission on trades for profitable accounts only. If your account has not made any profit yet, the company will not charge a single penny. You will be charged only if you get profit so it is not a big deal at all.

Withdrawal fees

Bitcoin Primes offer 10 withdrawals per calendar month for free. So feel free to have multiple withdrawals in a month. If you do more than 10 withdrawals in a month, you will be charged only 0.1% as a transaction fee.

Note: There could be a chance that your broker may have deposit, withdrawal, or trading fees. These fees set by your broker, the Bitcoin Prime has nothing to do with it.

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