Bitcoin Cash [BCH] Published Worries About November Update on Bitcoin Cash Network

Bitcoin Cash [BCH] Published Worries About November Update on Bitcoin Cash Network
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Dennis Jarvis, CEO of, published a blog post about the future upgrade on Bitcoin Cash Network. is a company focused on cryptocurrency and blockchain-based products.

Its mission is based-on providing digital currency for regular people. The executives believe Bitcoin Cash can fulfil the needs for this mission and tries to participate as more as possible on the related products.

Many development teams collaborate on providing changes and features for Bitcoin Cash. is one of the many. These teams usually have challenges with each other regarding which tools and modifications to add to the main network.

The long-age problems have caused splits in the Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash network. Jarvis believes the upcoming upgrade for Bitcoin Cash may result in more fractures among Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash developer community.

CEO of focuses on the proposed changes in the Bitcoin Cash network for November 2020 Update in his blog post:

“Recently, competing teams of open-source software developers have proposed changes to the Bitcoin Cash network that diverge at the fundamental level again. These changes are scheduled to take effect in November. The main point of contention between these teams is whether or not to implement a technical and economic mechanism to fund ongoing open-source software development. This mechanism, colloquially known as “IFP”, has been controversial, to say the least. Endless debate of its technical, economic, and governance merits (or lack thereof) rages on in social media and in private and public meetings.”

Dennis Jarvis explicitly shows his position (and of his company) against IFP. He believes other Bitcoin Cash miners should follow the same principle. Jarvis encourages all participants in the Bitcoin Cash network to run software without IFP in the November update. CEO finished his blog post with demanding Bitcoin Cash contributors to not using IFP in the upcoming update.

“Thus in our view, the ideal outcome this November would be for all competing Bitcoin Cash software implementations to jointly agree to not implement the IFP feature at this time and instead come together to form such a free association so that we may also join and contribute,” he added.

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