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Bitcoin [BTC] – Bitcoin ATMs About to Reach the 4,000 Machines Milestone Worldwide

The number of Bitcoin ATMs across the globe is about to reach a milestone of 4,000 machines. This figure is provided by CoinATMRadar, a platform that monitors cryptocurrency ATMs around the world.

At press time, this number stands at 3962 cryptocurrency ATMs out of which close to 99.9% of these ATMs support the trade of Bitcoin [BTC].

ATM Bitcoin [BTC]CoinATMRadar registers ATMs at a rate of about 6.3 ATMs every day and based on this rate, the total number of machines is set to surpass the 4,000 level in the next few days.

Cryptocurrency ATMs support only two types of operations – buy and/or sell orders. According to CoinATMRadar, there are about 2,038 machines that support just either of these orders and another 1,081 machines that can support both buy and sell orders. Both machines work in similar ways but the two-way models have better functionality as cryptocurrency owners can convert their holdings at any time to fiat.

The platform also reveals that close to 100% of the ATMs support the trade of Bitcoin. Litecoin traders can access LTC in about 2,335 machines while ETH can be bought and sold at 1,799 of these machines. 1,302 machines support Bitcoin Cash [BCH], 693 supporting Dash, 82 Monero and a further 70 and 56 supporting both Dogecoin and Zcash respectively.

Adoption rates across continents suggest a growing trend in cryptocurrency adoption. North America leads the park with 71.39% of the installed machines.

This percentage represents 2,371 machines installed in the United States and a further 677 machines in Canada. Europe comes in second with 248 machines installed in Austria, 208 in the UK, 77 in Russia, both Spain and the Czech Republic have 67 machines, Switzerland has 42, 38 for Italy, 35 Slovakia, 26 Poland, 25 Netherlands, 23 Romania, 19 Finland, 18 in Greece, 13 in Slovenia, and 13 in Hungary. France and Germany have 2 and 1 respectively. In total Europe commands about 23.5% of the total Bitcoin ATM installations.

Asia has about 100 machines with Israel having the most number of Bitcoin ATMs at 8. Africa has the least number of machines with the whole continent having a total of 10 machines.

The first Bitcoin ATM was first installed in November 2013 and in about 5 years, the industry has had phenomenal growth through 2018.

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