Binance.US Commences Account Registration in the US but Some States are Excluded

Binance.US Commences Account Registration in the US but Some States are Excluded
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Binance crypto exchange fanatics in the US are a happy lot since their exchange Binance.US has just opened account registration and deposit of funds in anticipation of trading. However, while others start to set up their accounts from around 8 AM ET, crypto traders in 13 states can’t create their accounts. This is because Binance.US won’t be available in their States at the moment.

Per the question-answer format post, the 13 excluded US States are Washington, Vermont, Texas, North Carolina, New York, Louisiana, Idaho, Hawaii, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Connecticut, and Alaska. Although the publication doesn’t go beyond mentioning the exclusion of 13 states, Binance assured their US customer’s plans are underway to make Binance.US available in all states.

Requirements for Setting up An Account at Binance.US

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For one to be a proud owner of an account at Binance.US, they will need a social security number (SSN) and a government-issued passport or driver’s license. The latter will grant you the rights to be part of Binana.US community.

After account verification, one can proceed to load funds into their account. Based on your account type, as a trader, you will be allowed to deposit a certain amount of either fiat or virtual currency via the Binance.US wallet. The depositing process is easy and straightforward. After successfully setting up your account, inbound transfer requests for USD, USDT, LTC, BCH, XRP, ETH, and BTC will commence.

As its way of unveiling Binance.US to the US market, Binance will shelve off trading fees once trading commences from now till 1st November 2019. However, after that, transactional fees for personal accounts will be a flat rate of 0.10% per trade.

Per the question-answer format blog post, Binance.US will operate as a standalone entity and its services won’t be conjoined with that of its parent firm Binance. As an entity, Binance.US is operating under BAM Trading Services, and as such there will be no direct transfer of coins or tokens from Binance to Binance.US.


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