Binance Futures Ultimate Challenge Offers a Tesla Model Y and More

Binance Futures Ultimate Challenge Offers a Tesla Model Y and More
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  • Binance Futures launches the exciting Futures Ultimate Challenge, where participants have the chance to win a Tesla Model Y and share 1.4 BTC in vouchers.
  • The challenge includes a daily BTC price prediction competition and a weekly Tesla challenge, with tasks to earn “Golden Tickets” and increase your chances of winning prizes.
  • Participants can win BTC vouchers, trading fee discounts, and possibly a Tesla Model Y by participating in the various contest activities.

Binance Futures has announced the launch of the Futures Ultimate Challenge, a competition that promises exciting prizes, including the chance to win a Tesla Model Y and share a total of 1.4 BTC in vouchers.

This competition is designed to attract cryptocurrency traders from around the world, offering exciting and rewarding opportunities for those who participate.

At the heart of the Futures Ultimate Challenge is the daily BTC price prediction competition.

Participants must predict the price of the BTCUSDT perpetual contract at 14:00 UTC the next day.

Each day, a 0.05 BTC voucher will be awarded to the participant with the most accurate prediction.

This competition not only tests traders market analysis skills, but also their ability to properly time their predictions.

In addition to the daily competition, the Futures Ultimate Challenge includes a weekly Tesla challenge.

Here, participants can complete various tasks to earn “Golden Tickets,” which increase their chances of winning a Tesla Model Y.

Tasks include making your first futures trade, achieving a daily trading volume of at least 10,000 USDT, and referring friends to complete their first futures trade.

Binance Futures Ultimate Challenge Offers a Tesla Model Y and More

In addition to Tesla, Binance participants have the opportunity to earn discounts on trading fees

Importantly, eligibility to participate in the contest is subject to Binance Futures eligibility requirements and may vary by jurisdiction.

Additionally, Binance reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of the contest if necessary.

Winners of the daily BTC price prediction competition will be announced daily, while weekly winners of the Tesla challenge and trading fee discounts will be announced at the end of each week.

All prizes will be distributed fairly and transparently, providing participants with a rewarding and exciting experience.

The Binance Futures Futures Ultimate Challenge represents an exciting opportunity for cryptocurrency traders around the world.

With the chance to win incredible prizes, including a Tesla Model Y, this competition promises to be one of the most exciting in the cryptocurrency space this year.

Join now and participate in this exciting trading adventure!


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