Binance [BNB] – Binance Launches Developer Platform ‘X’ to Boost Blockchain Development and Adoption

Binance [BNB] – Binance Launches Developer Platform ‘X’ to Boost Blockchain Development and Adoption
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Leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance has launched a developer platform that is aimed at attracting blockchain developers to the Binance ecosystem. Dubbed Binance X, the platform will be useful to any blockchain developer looking for opportunities to learn not just about Binance ecosystem but also blockchain in general. Not just that but with Binance X, developers will be able to collaborate on several projects as well as grow within their chosen fields of specializations. The platform is really a place for developers to associate and learn from one another.

In a blog post, Binance highlighted the three aspects mentioned above: “Learn,” “Collaborate,” and “Grow.”

“Under Learn, we provide official and eventually third-party resources to help you learn and reference relevant information. Under Collaborate, we provide tools and channels where you can engage, both online and in real life, with relevant Binance teams and other third-party developers. Under Grow, we refer you to different programs at Binance designed to help projects at different stages of maturity level up to the next phase of growth.”

Binance just celebrated its 2nd anniversary a few weeks ago and so far the exchange has launched a bunch of other services outside the core exchange business. As highlighted by Binance they include the Academy, Research, Launchpad, Margin (and soon futures) trading, Info, Dex, Labs, Charity Foundation and non-custodial wallet Trust Wallet.

Trust Wallet was acquired last year and integrated into the Binance ecosystem. These services help to demonstrate Binance’s growing influence within the cryptocurrency space and Binance is not about to stop. Binance X is an addition to its ecosystem but now more focused on helping developers navigate the growing Binance ecosystem.

“As a platform that is rapidly evolving, there is a need to provide a cohesive way to engage and support developers in our ecosystem, and thus, Binance X is conceived,” the post stated.

The Binance X developers’ platform will be complementing the Binance X Fellowship Program which was launched earlier this year. According to Binance, the fellowship program was designed to support developers in creating free and open-source software in the blockchain ecosystem. Thus far, since its launch, the fellowship program has supported a little over 40 projects not limited to the Binance ecosystem including Kitsune Wallet, Summa, Burner Wallet, Proxima and BNBTextWallet among others.

“At Binance X, we will be channeling our inner Ballmer to help developers maximize their potential and growth on the Binance platform. We are super excited to see all the innovations that would come out of this developer community,” the post concluded.


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