Binance Announces Fusionist (ACE) for the 40th Launchpool Project

Binance Announces Fusionist (ACE) for the 40th Launchpool Project
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Binance, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, has announced Fusionist (ACE) as its 40th Launchpool project. Fusionist, a rapidly growing community with 800,000 members in just five months, has successfully launched its three NFT series and existing Beta testing on the video game distribution platform, Steam.

The Binance Launchpool, which has launched 15 successful crypto projects since its inception in September 2020, has recorded $4.64 billion in total value locked (TVL) and distributed $529 million in tokens to 408,783 crypto holders. The Launchpool aims to help quality projects distribute their tokens to a wider audience while allowing crypto users and investors to generate attractive returns in the form of new tokens.

Fusionist’s inclusion in the Launchpool is expected to accelerate token adoption and increase asset liquidity. It also provides Fusionist with access to Binance’s marketing resources, listing support, and passionate community members. This collaboration aligns with Binance’s focus on providing added value to users and communities, driving the growth of projects in DeFi protocols, and empowering the industry and markets.

Fusionist (ACE) Makes its Grant Debut on Binance

Binance Announces Fusionist (ACE) for the 40th Launchpool Project

The Fusionist (ACE) token is the latest addition to the cryptocurrency market. With a total supply of 147,000,000 ACE, it offers a substantial amount for trading and investment. The Launchpool rewards for this token are set at 10,290,000 ACE, which is 7% of the total token supply. The initial circulating supply is 21,969,520 ACE, accounting for 14.95% of the total supply.

There are two supported pools for staking: BNB and FDUSD. The BNB pool, which will be available in about 4 hours, offers 8,232,000 ACE in rewards, accounting for 80% of the total rewards. The FDUSD pool, also available in about 4 hours, offers 2,058,000 ACE in rewards, making up the remaining 20% of the total rewards.

This announcement marks a significant milestone for both Binance and Fusionist, demonstrating the potential of blockchain technology and NFTs in revolutionizing various industries, including gaming and finance.


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