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Bigbom Eco: A complete ecosystem for advertising

One of the sectors that is booming most is within the new blockchain platforms whose ICOs we are getting to know, has been online advertising. Industry estimates indicate that online advertising industry is expected to grow to $ 300 billion in 2020 as companies increasingly discover its impact on offline media. However, the people of Bigbom Eco are aware that the industry has yet to overcome some obstacles to be more effective and on that premise they have developed their proposal, which we will discuss here.

A classic problem is the lack of trust between buyers and sellers of advertising, between topics of quality of the ads, payment of them, effectiveness, going to the cumbersome thing that it is to upload ads in the traditional platforms. The reality is that users end up with a return on investment below the estimate, and that should definitely improve.

Bigbom Eco also experienced these problems at the time. The need to solve these problems prompted his team to develop a decentralized advertising ecosystem where all the actors of the sector such as advertisers, agencies, advertising channels and platforms can meet and carry out advertising negotiations among themselves in a safe and transparent manner.

Thanks to blockchain, Bigbom Eco provides an intelligent contract solution for multiple advertising models. This allows advertisers, publishers and advertising platforms to conduct their transactions more efficiently.

Bigbom Eco will have a transaction rate close to zero, with a quick confirmation time and a high transaction capacity that surpasses it over traditional platforms.

The ecosystem vision for online advertising businesses includes Bigbom Marketplace, which is a place where users can buy and sell ads. Among the smart contracts that users can access in the market place, the payment contract can be mentioned, which is executed automatically after compliance with the agreed parameters between the buyer and the seller. They also highlight a secure classification system, and the evaluation of the performance of the ads in an automated way.

Bigbom Eco plans to launch a preliminary version of its platform before ICO, which will take place on April 10 next. Bigbom Eco already made a successful pre-sale at the end of 2017, in which it reached the flexible limit of the project, which bodes well for the development and success of the platform.

The Bigbom Eco token is the BOO, and it is compatible with ERC-20. This token is the center of Bigbom Eco, and is used to pay for digital advertising transactions between the parties in the ecosystem. The ICO of Bigbom Eco will be launched on April 10, and the reference price of the BOO will be 1 ETH = 20,000 BBO.

To know more details of this ecosystem, as well as to participate in the airdrop and be updated of its ICO, we recommend following them at  their Telegram channel.

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