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Best Way to Win Online Bitcoin Slots

Bitcoin slots are considered one of the best online casino games of all time, it is also considered as one of the foundations of the casino because every casino in the world has this game. Historically, this is the oldest casino machine game. This machine appeared in the late 1800s in San Francisco. In the early days of this game, you can only see card numbers and one lever on the side of the machine.

It is easy and convenient to play since you can play it inside your home. Aside from that, this game offers you exciting features to play and offers dozens of prizes and bonuses. Bitcoin slots have different themes such as movie, history, animals, and other themes that are fit to the game. Name it, Bitcoin slots have it!

How to play Bitcoin slots

Bitcoin slots are very simple to play. All you have to do is to spin the reels and wait to get the winning combinations. In this game, you can choose the directions of lines and numbers. The more lines you hit a higher rate of winning. Bitcoin slot has 3 to 6 reels.

If you are lucky you can win massive jackpots and bonuses in this game but it depends also on your bet. Some slot games offer low bet limits but high percentages of winning, so choose your bitcoin slot games wisely.

The simplicity of the game captures many players to place their bets into the game.

Some people think that this game is a scam because it is electronically operated but they are wrong, slot games are a game of luck and strategy you have to bet on the right time in order to win the jackpot.

We recommend some of the best Best Bitcoin Slot Games:

  • 15 Dragon Pearl
  • 2020 Hit Slot
  • 777 Gems Respin
  • Age of Ice Dragons
  • Almighty Sparta Dice
  • Anksunamun: The Queen of Egypt
  •  Atlantis Thunder St. Patrick’s Days
  •  Blood Moon Express

Basic Terms in Bitcoin Slot Games

Here are the basic terms that new players need to familiarize themselves to play the bitcoin slot game:

  • Volatility – in Bitcoin Slot Games, it means the calculation of the number of reels, the number of symbols of the game, and the way the pay lines are designed. All of these elements contributed to calculating volatility. High Volatility means a low percentage of winning while Low Volatility means a high percentage of winning.
  • Progressive Jackpot – simplest explanation of this is the mechanics in the lottery. If there are no winners on the first draw, the amount of the prize will increase as long as there is no winner in the game.
  • Return to Player – this is the percentage of bet return to the player over time.


The best way to win

In this part, we will teach you the best way to win the jackpot and gain bonuses in bitcoin slots. There is no proven strategy to win the game yet but we can give you tips to win the game:

  • Play Wise

Online Bitcoin Slots are using computer algorithms and random number generators. It means that every time the reels are spinning, the result will be one out of hundreds of probabilities. Many people tried to calculate the spin result and some of them succeeded to hit the jackpots. We don’t know if it’s a strategy or pure luck but it takes time to master the game and conclude with a proven strategy. Some of the people who are mastering bitcoin slot machines are saying that they almost memorize the result of the spins by looking at the previous result, by this they know when to place their bets practically and what will be the result of the spin.

  • Play Free

 Practice makes perfect. The best way to hit the jackpot is to play free bitcoin slot games. On this, you can calculate the result of every spin. Of course, there are no actual jackpots and bonuses in some free play bitcoin slot games but this one can help you to create your strategy and timing in actual games. This also helps you to enjoy the game without losing your money. These free play bitcoin slot games give you time to think and choose slot games that are fit for your expenses and to your tastes.


You can use your Online Casino Bonuses to play the game without spending your own money. Casino Bonuses are popular in many Online Casino Sites, these bonuses caught the attention of many players to play Online Casino. Some sites offer many bonuses than others so choose wisely on picking your sites.

  • Return to Player (RTP)

RTP is the percentage of the money you bet that the Bitcoin slot games return to you over time. You can search for the Bitcoin slots that offer a high RTP rate to keep your money growing.

  • Avoid Popular Slots

Popular Slots, also known as Marketing Slots. The aim of these slots is to gain attraction with a low percentage of winning. They are just using the brand names or popularity of the movies, history, people, and other themes possible for marketing purposes. You can try it if you want just to experience the game, if you enjoy the and left you broke then their marketing strategy won the game.

  • Use your Bankroll wise

Set the amount of money you will spend in the very bitcoin slot games that you are playing. Remember, slot games are simple and fun to play, you don’t want to end up losing all your money playing without noticing it on time. Control your expenses on playing these games. Set your limits on spending in playing bitcoin slots or in other online casino games. If you want to play a particular bitcoin slot game you have to return in tips number 2 (Play Free) or 3 (Use Casino Bonuses). In order to avoid losing your money.


If you really want to play these slot games, you have to make sure that you have control of yourself because this game is really addictive. These tips will help you to understand what are the pros and cons if you play this kind of game in the simplest way. We recommend you to play the free to play first before entering the real game so that you can decide if this game will entertain you or satisfy you.

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