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Bepro Network Wants to Revolutionize DApps Building


Bepro Network has converted itself from a decentralized gaming and betting protocol to a new platform that aims to revolutionize decentralized application (DApp) development for builders without having big development teams.

What is Bepro Network?

Bepro Network is a rebranded name from BetProtocol that was a decentralized gaming and betting protocol. The company is now focused on building a Code-as-a-Service protocol that will provide a codebase for building decentralized apps for DeFi, NFT, gaming, prediction markets, exchange, and more.

Bepro Network announced the launch of its public testnet on September 24, 2021. The team describes the protocol as:

“The Network is a fully decentralized marketplace and protocol aiming to create a trust-less bridge between Operators and Developers, so they can collaborate in an open and decentralized manner, without having to go through third-parties or other entities to work together.”

This means that anyone who wants to build a blockchain application doesn’t need a big team to start with. Builders can engage with a talented community of developers and manage their development and open issues within a single platform.

In the Bepro Network, an individual can participate in three different ways: as an operator, developer, or token holder.



On Bepro, Operators are teams or individuals who are leading the efforts to build a project or application. According to the documentation, Bepro Network is built with a liquid open-source development concept in mind.

Operators can work with a small team or can take the role of a single CTO and engage with developers to manage their development. To use the platform, operators have to stake the native BEPRO tokens.


Developers on this network are talented individuals looking to work on a per-request and feature basis. At the core, there are two parts of this protocol: Bepro Network, a decentralized developer marketplace, and Bepro.js, an open-source JavaScript framework, to speed up building blockchain-related capabilities without having to learn any smart contract-specific language.

Bepro.js is especially for developers where they can build Dapps in a faster, cost-effective way with a JavaScript SDK. They can also add blockchain-related capabilities to their software in a faster way.

They can also connect with builders and other developers and trade commits, review and work for rewards in BEPRO, USDC, or other tokens.

Bepro Token Holder

All the functions of Bepro Network are powered by a native ERC20 token, BEPRO. BEPRO token holders can participate directly in the network by helping manage disputes, curate the system, and provide development resources.


Bepro Network is aiming to change how Dapps are built by building a Code-as-a-Service platform where the project manager can rent code or engage with developers to develop their desired application. Developers can use a JavaScript SDK called Bepro.js to get their requested work done in a fast and cost-effective way. BEPRO token holders also play an important role in the network by resolving disputes, curating the system, and providing development resources.