Base Unveils User-Friendly Mainnet Bridge Interface Ahead of Aug. 9 Launch

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Coinbase has introduced a user interface (UI) for its official bridge for Base. Unlike earlier phases that necessitated developer tools, this UI empowers end users to onboard without tech complexities.

The official announcement on August 3 disclosed that the eagerly anticipated Base “official” release is marked for August 9. The recent developments are set to democratize engagement with on-chain technology, making it accessible to a broader audience.

“We’re committed to uplifting builders and creators – the tinkerers, the curious, the ones who live in and see the future – in real life, online, and on-chain,” the announcement reads.

Earlier, the layer-2 blockchain mainnet had been unveiled on July 13, primarily catering to builders. However, the absence of a fully functional UI for the bridge from Ethereum posed limitations. Users were constrained to employ command-line developer tools for bridging ETH from Ethereum’s layer 1. With the advent of the bridge UI, this barrier has been effectively surmounted.

Base Announces “Onchain Summer”: A Month-Long Celebration

To herald the imminent launch, the project’s team has orchestrated the “Onchain Summer” event spanning a month. Partnering with established brands like Coca-Cola, Atari, OpenSea, Pixelmon, and Showtime, the network is embarking on a journey to bring forth daily on-chain collectibles. These collectibles encompass diverse themes like art, music, gaming, advocacy, and more.

Base Unveils User-Friendly Mainnet Bridge Interface Ahead of Aug. 9 Launch

Furthermore, the team is taking another step toward empowering the crypto community by offering more than 100 Ether (approximately $184,000) in grants. These grants will be extended to individuals and groups contributing to the Base’s development during the period from August 9 to September 13.

Innovative endeavors such as creating Base-related websites, producing art and videos, and deploying novel protocols will be recognized and rewarded. Moreover, engaging with the network through bridging and educational activities will lead to the distribution of relevant non-fungible tokens and Ether.

Base’s journey to the mainnet has not been without challenges. Early adopters experienced losses as they navigated a nascent ecosystem. Despite these hurdles, the blockchain ecosystem has grown and evolved rapidly.

Over $68 million worth of Ether has been bridged to the network, with more than $200 million in trading volume and transactions recorded.


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