Azuro and Sophon Announce $SOPH Airdrop and Joint Grant Program for Prediction Apps

Azuro and Sophon Announce $SOPH Airdrop and Joint Grant Program for Prediction Apps
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  • Azuro partners with Sophon to power the development of prediction applications on zkSync Hyperchain.
  • Liquidity providers of the AZUR/ETH pair on decentralized exchanges will receive an airdrop of $SOPH tokens.
  • A co-sponsored grant program will be launched to accelerate the adoption of prediction applications running on Sophon and developed by Azuro.

On-chain predictions platform Azuro has taken a significant step towards strengthening its infrastructure by partnering with Sophon, a modular entertainment-focused network built on the zkSync Hyperchain stack.

This alliance promises to boost the development of prediction applications by combining the experience and technologies of both platforms.

One of the most notable initiatives within this collaboration is the creation of a co-sponsored grant program.

This program is primarily intended to provide financial support and resources to developers interested in building prediction applications in the Sophon ecosystem, run on Azuro technology.

Through this program, Azuro and Sophon seek to not only encourage the creation of new prediction applications, but also facilitate their adoption and growth in the market.

By providing resources and financial support to developers, the program is expected to stimulate innovation and promote the development of new solutions and functionalities within the blockchain prediction application space.

This, in turn, will contribute to the strengthening and expansion of the Sophon ecosystem, establishing a solid foundation for a prosperous and dynamic future in the realm of decentralized predictions.

AZUR/ETH liquidity providers on decentralized exchanges will be rewarded with an airdrop of $SOPH tokens as part of incentives to encourage participation in the ecosystem.

Azuro and Sophon Announce $SOPH Airdrop and Joint Grant Program for Prediction Applications

This strategy seeks to strengthen the community of Azuro and Sophon users

Sophon, which recently completed a successful node sale and secured a $10 million seed funding round, is positioning itself as a key player in the blockchain-powered entertainment space.

Its focus on high-performance applications in areas such as gaming and artificial intelligence, supported by the zkSync Hyperchain stack, provides an ideal environment for running advanced prediction applications.

The partnership between Azuro and Sophon marks an important milestone in the development of prediction applications.

With a co-sponsored grant program and liquidity provider rewards, both platforms are committed to driving adoption and innovation in the decentralized predictions space.


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