Axon Enterprise Inc. Will Explore Blockchain Technology to Fight Threats Posed By Deep-fake Videos

Axon Enterprise Inc. to Use Blockchain Technology to Fight Threats Posed By Deep-fake Videos
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Advancement in technology is a good thing when it’s used in the right way. However, some rogue elements in our community have seen that these advancements in technology can help them hide their actions by discrediting others. However, for Axon Enterprise Inc., the leading camera manufacturer for the police, the emergence of deep-fake videos led it to blockchain technology.

Deep-fake videos are AI made videos that look real, but upon investigations aren’t real. With their emergence, Axon, together with other stakeholders, faced a new challenge of how to prove the authenticity of video clips from police wore body cameras. The latter, coupled with cameras being prone to been tampered with police worn cameras, lost their credibility.

On one end, investigations show the clips are being edited to hide the truth while, on the other hand, deep-fake videos enable cheating. However, blockchain technology is offering a way out. Video clips from body-worn cameras are crucial evidence in courts, and securing the videos is essential.

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Security Measures on Blockchain Platforms Prevents Tampering of Clips

Although Axon didn’t go deeper in describing how its new security features work, the Axon Body 3 cameras come with additional security features. Per details online, through leveraging blockchain technology, Axon can stop editing, downloads, and playback of videos.

Accessing the above features has been rendered inaccessible since now, one must have a password to access the videos and make changes. Besides that, Axon has overcome its convenience and battery life issues, which prevented the encryption of data. On tracking the origin of the video clips, Axon has incorporated a digital signature on the actual clips to help trace the source.

Although Axon claims it’s protecting rights by not disclosing the nitty-gritty of its new security measures, its actions have not been received well. Some security experts, together with hardware developers, claim Axon silence is preventing the upgrading of standard security measures, which would help authentic the video clips. Stakeholders believe such developments should be made jointly with other hardware manufacturers.

If made public, Axon security measures will come in handy at helping authenticate video clips from smartphone users. The latter has also proved to be beneficial is proving the innocence of someone in court. However, all is not lost. Amber, another blockchain-based startup, is working on developments to authenticate video clips from smartphones based on blockchain technology by marking them.


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