Axelar and Microsoft Partner to Develop Web3 and Blockchain Solutions

Axelar and Microsoft Partner to Develop Web3 and Blockchain Solutions
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In a recent development, the cross-chain protocol, Axelar has joined hands with Microsoft to further enhance blockchain and Web3 adoption. The partnership aims at bridging public and private blockchains while making them more accessible for web3 and enterprise developers.

As per the details of the deal, Axelar will be joining the Azure marketplace of Microsoft, making it the first cross-chain protocol on the store. The customers of Microsoft will be able to access Axelar’s solutions through the Azure cloud marketplace.

The platform also stated,

‘With Microsoft, we are now also able to explore the possibility for other new frontiers in Web3, such as blockchain-enabled Open AI services and the integration of AI in future Web3 applications.’

New Beginnings for Axelar

The platform eyes this partnership as a chance to reach tens of thousands of companies through Azure. Moreover, Azure will allow developers to integrate applications on different blockchains. The partnership will also allow customers to access different developer tools, including the AxelarJS software development kit. Developers will be able to integrate functionality and network effects without any hassle from blockchains or databases.

As a thriving blockchain project, it has shown the potential to allow secure communications on different chains. The platform uses the programmable interoperability layer on the Cosmos network which connects applications on multiple blockchains.

New Beginnings for Axelar

Daniel An, director of business development at Microsoft’s Web3 & AI division, said:

‘We are excited to collaborate with Axelar to accelerate blockchain integration and deliver valuable solutions to our customers. By leveraging our strengths and expertise, we can empower organizations to embrace blockchain technology and transform their operations.’

Blockchain and AI is the Future?

Axelar and Microsoft will look towards the development of different solutions for connecting public and private blockchains. Plus, they will leverage OpenAI services on Azure. The vision for this partnership is to facilitate web3 startups and global enterprises, paving the way for seamless AI integration in the future web3 apps.

The key stakeholders of the partnership deal believe that blockchain technology is the solution to make data more secure. It has the ability to ensure the data is not tampered with. Nonetheless, the Azure marketplace has more than 25,000 apps and services. Thus, the platform is set for Axelar to grow and reach out.

At the moment, Axelar supports 43 blockchains. The platform has been making a buzz since its last year’s Series B funding of $35 million from the likes of Polychain Capital, North Island Ventures, and Dragonfly Capital. Therefore, the last partnership with Microsoft is a new beginning for the platform.


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