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AXEL Token and Exchange: the next big step of the AXEL platform

One of the expressions of development of blockchain technology is based on its adoption as the main basis of the computer and economic system of a certain platforms to function.

When we see how more and more companies are migrating towards blockchain possibilities we can verify this growth. An exemplary case is that of AXEL, who have decided to move towards their own Token and Exchange platform, about which we will discuss here.

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AXEL has been working on the development of its particular vision of ownership of personal data since 2012. Currently millions of people use the AXEL platform on Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS operating systems. AXEL numbers are in many ways positive, in fact their team has more than 100 veteran members and numerous patents of their own technology. Now they are creating the AXEL Token and Exchange as the next evolutionary step of their mission.

AXEL provides the tools that allow you to choose what you can do with your files and information. Through its platform AXEL is building a decentralized content exchange in which anyone can buy and sell files easily and efficiently.

And on the subject of the efficiency of content management it is appropriate to remember the recent scandals like those of Facebook. Social platforms have been developing solutions to banish any article of false news and false accounts from their networks. The insecure nature of social media channels means that anyone can set up an account and start publishing anything, with what that implies.

The blockchain technology allows with its benefits to prevent that from happening. AXEL from the hand of blockchain has the power to prevent false news from coming because it follows a strict verification process. With this process you can automatically verify the identities, as well as verify the shared information and scan the data collected from any social networking platform.

The huge amount of data collected by social networks is being used to be consolidated and to provide a more personalized experience to the user. But the issue of “personalized experience” is being abused for advertising purposes, that’s why we see so many relevant ads in our news feeds. With blockchain technology, social platforms will have less power to collect and use data from consumers and users.

The possibility of decentralization that blockchain allows ends this kind of tyranny of the social platforms regarding the handling of the data generated by users. Now thanks to blockchain, social platforms will be able to actively quantify the value that a user has placed on these platforms and compensate for it.

AXEL has planned the implementation of a payment gateway called AXEL Pay, through which users can sell all kinds of files from their application, indicating a price and sending directly to the buyer.

In fact with the application you can generate a link to purchase the content or data, and that link can be placed anywhere such as forums, or a YouTube video, and even in a private chat. Anyone can click on that link and buy that file instantly.

How will the AXEL token be used?

The AXEL token will allow certain functions in the application. For example, use “Privacy Share”, which will make any file transaction effectively “invisible”.

AXEL plans to allow people to exchange AXEL tokens for videos, music, images, documents, games, programs, and any kind of content that people want to sell.

The native AXEL Blockchain will work with everything to facilitate almost instantaneous transactions and lower costs, without compromising user privacy.

For more specific details about AXEL Token and its Exchange, we recommend reviewing the White Paper they have produced for this purpose, as well as follow them on their Telegram channel.

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