Arbitrum Foundation Unveils Orbit Program for Customized Layer 2 and Layer 3 Networks

Arbitrum Foundation Unveils Orbit Program for Customized Layer 2 and Layer 3 Networks
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The Arbitrum Foundation, the organization behind Ethereum’s leading Layer 2 network, has announced a groundbreaking program called “Orbit” that enables the launch of customized Layer 2 and Layer 3 networks. This initiative is a significant step forward in the blockchain development landscape, providing developers with the tools to create their dedicated chains that settle to one of Arbitrum’s layer 2 or L2 chains.

The Orbit program was launched after months of development and is now ready for mainnet. In the beginning, these new layer-3 networks were only settling on an Arbitrum test network. The Orbit deployment tool comes with a host of customization options, allowing developers to modify the Arbitrum stack according to their business needs.

Developers use the Orbit platform to create Layer 2 networks that finish on the Ethereum mainnet. Additionally, it can be used to create Layer 3 networks that employ Arbitrum or other Ethereum Layer 2s for finalization. Orbit aids in the creation of chains that incorporate unique gas tokens, native account abstractions, and diverse data availability solutions. This informational approach to Orbit highlights its versatility and utility in blockchain development.

Arbitrum Continues to Move Forward With Its Innovative Features

Arbitrum Foundation Unveils Orbit Program for Customized Layer 2 and Layer 3 Networks

It’s important to point out that Layer 3 solutions, which have been tailored to work with Arbitrum One and Nova, are already experiencing the advantages of pre-existing permissionless routes. These Layer 3 solutions do not require a revenue share, underscoring the adaptability of Arbitrum and its commitment to cultivating a space where innovation is not only promoted but also recognized.

The Arbitrum Foundation has underscored the requirement for all rollups based on Orbit to finalize transactions on the Ethereum mainnet, or on other networks that obtain their security from Ethereum. This stipulation is in place to guarantee the strength and safety of the networks that are newly established.

The Orbit program incorporates a model of revenue-sharing. It is anticipated that participants will return a fraction of their earnings to the Arbitrum ecosystem. The initial setting for revenue-sharing is 10%, with the Arbitrum DAO receiving 8% and the recently initiated Arbitrum Developer Guild receiving 2%. This informational perspective on Orbit underscores its commitment to fostering a mutually beneficial environment.

The launch of the Orbit program is a testament to the Arbitrum Foundation’s commitment to fostering innovation and growth in the blockchain space. By providing developers with the tools and support to create their own Layer 2 and Layer 3 networks, the Orbit program is set to usher in a new era of decentralized development.


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