Aptos Sets New Blockchain Transaction Record, Surpasses Solana, and Sui Network

Aptos Sets New Blockchain Transaction Record, Surpasses Solana, and Sui Network
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  • Record-Breaking Transactions: Aptos Blockchain, developed by former Facebook engineers, set a new record with 115.4 million transactions in a single day on May 25, surpassing the previous L1 record by over 50%.
  • Tapos Cat Game Surge: The transaction spike is largely due to the Tapos Cat game, which generated over 10 million transactions on its first day and offers players a chance to earn $HEART tokens.
  • Stable Growth: Despite the high volume, Aptos maintained consistent gas fees and success rates, thanks to its Aggregator feature, showcasing its scalability and efficiency.

Aptos, the layer-1 blockchain platform crafted by former Facebook engineers, has achieved a groundbreaking record in the blockchain space. On May 25, the platform recorded a staggering 115.4 million transactions in a single day, as reported by Aptoscan.

This feat not only shattered previous records but also eclipsed the L1 record of over 65 million held by the Sui Network by more than 50%. 

The Tapos Cat Phenomenon

The surge in transaction volume is largely attributed to the launch of Tapos Cat, an innovative tap-to-earn game that has quickly risen in popularity. On its first day on the mainnet, Tapos Cat was responsible for over 10 million transactions, contributing significantly to the platform’s activity. 

The game, which allows users to earn HEART tokens by interacting with a virtual cat, provided a gas-fee-free experience for the first 72 hours, further incentivizing player engagement.

Surpassing Solana and Sui

Aptos Sets New Blockchain Transaction Record, Surpasses Solana, and Sui Network

On May 25, Aptos not only exceeded Solana’s daily transaction count of 31.7 million but also outperformed the Sui Network’s previous record by more than 50%. This feat is a testament to the scalability and efficiency of the Aptos blockchain, which continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of digital transactions.

Maintaining Stability Amidst Growth

Despite the massive influx of transactions, Aptos has maintained consistent gas fees and success rates. This stability is attributed to the platform’s Aggregator feature, which allows for the simultaneous processing of multiple transactions. As a result, users enjoy a seamless and efficient experience, even during periods of peak activity.

The Future of Aptos and Blockchain Scalability

The record-breaking transaction volume on Aptos highlights the platform’s scalability and robustness, indicating a growing adoption within the blockchain ecosystem. 

The platform’s user TPS reached an all-time high of 32,000 on the record-setting day, demonstrating the potential for further growth and innovation. As Aptos continues to evolve, it sets a new benchmark for transaction processing and paves the way for future advancements in the blockchain industry.


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