Aptos Network Partners With Wormhole to Enable NFT Bridging

Aptos Network Partners With Wormhole to Enable NFT Bridging
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The interoperability protocol Wormhole has joined forces with Aptos Labs to enable anyone to bridge their non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to the Aptos network, as well as from Aptos to other chains.

The Wormhole Bridge had previously been in operation, allowing users to convert their cryptocurrency tokens to Aptos and have them moved onto the Aptos network in the form of APT or other tokens on the blockchain.

However, this new update is another step toward greater interoperability in the NFT space.

While the NFT can be transferred from one chain to another, Wormhole ensures that the metadata is retained and displayed on the new chain, where it ultimately ends up. The name, appearance, and behaviors of this wrapped NFT are all the same as those of other NFTs in the chain.

Meanwhile, when an NFT is transferred from another chain to Aptos, it is locked up in the NFT bridge smart contract, and an equivalent wrapped NFT is minted into the destination chain’s matching collection.

Continued Growth for Aptos Network

Speaking on the arrangement, Mo Shaikh, co-founder and CEO of Aptos Labs, said,

“With the Aptos NFT bridge, Wormhole brings a new level of interoperability to the network.” Aptos welcomes millions of assets, thousands of creators, and artists from across the many chains accessible via this bridge.”

Aptos Network Partners With Wormhole to Enable NFT Bridging

Wormhole is an interoperability protocol that enables projects to build on top of its generic message-passing layer. It links to several layer-2 networks, such as Ethereum, Solana, Binance Smart Chain, and a number of others.

It claims to do this by sending messages from one chain to another, which a network of Guardian nodes watches and verifies. This message is then sent to the target chain for processing after it has been validated.

Moreover, Aptos Network has been gathering momentum in recent months, and this new collaboration with the Cross-chain Bridge Wormhole is probably going to make the crypto community pay even closer attention to it.

A recent report by Messari indicates that Aptos Network has emerged as the fastest major blockchain network, with a median time to finality (TTF) value below one second. The Aptos blockchain uses a parallel processing technique to decrease latency and produce faster transaction speeds.


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