Aptos Foundation Announces Major Partnerships with Leading Data Providers

Aptos Foundation Announces Major Partnerships with Leading Data Providers
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  • Reaches a milestone by integrating data into its Aptos blockchain through strategic partnerships with leaders such as Dune, Nansen and Token Terminal.
  • The Foundation presents the platform as a secure and useful gateway for growing projects, offering world-class data integration services.
  • The partnerships will strengthen the ecosystem with higher standards of data and transparency in Web3, facilitating developer access to secure services.

The accelerated growth of the Aptos ecosystem has reached a new milestone with the recent integration of data into the blockchain thanks to key partnerships with leading providers such as Dune, Nansen, Token Terminal and others.

This initiative, led by the Aptos Foundation, seeks to drive growth, real-time transparency and trust in Web3, by expanding data integration services for all participants in the ecosystem.

Aptos Foundation has established strategic alliances with leading data providers such as Dune Analytics, Nansen, Space & Time, Token Terminal, DappRadar, Elliptic, The Tie and Flipside.

These collaborations, supported by powerful programming technology called Move, ensure that anyone within the ecosystem has access to a full range of data integration services for greater transparency and security.

From data standardization to dApp search capabilities, everything is simplified at thanks to these partnerships.

For partners, presents itself as a useful and secure non-EVM gateway to the fastest growing community of projects, ready to benefit from world-class data integrations and add an additional level of trust and security.

Supported by leading Web3 data providers such as Dune, Nansen and Token Terminal, the company offers a full range of data integration services to all platform builders.

This will make it easier for developers and users in the Aptos community

Data transparency is essential at Web3, and Aptos Foundation is proud of the data ecosystem it has built so far.

These high-impact partners will further strengthen the ecosystem by introducing a higher standard of data and transparency throughout Web3.

Aptos Achieves Milestones with Leading Data Integration

The Aptos integration will allow the secure services of these data providers to be easily used by the enthusiastic developer community, thus creating an even stronger database that strengthens the project and its partner network from within.

Collaborator testimonials highlight the excitement about this collaboration, highlighting its programming language, Move, have facilitated and accelerated the analysis of chain activities.

The Aptos Foundation has achieved impressive growth, with a 360% increase in monthly active addresses compared to the previous year and more than 10 million addresses created.

This is a pivotal moment in the evolution of Aptos, and while it marks a significant milestone, it is just the beginning.

Builders are invited to stay tuned for further developments from these partners in the coming weeks.

Additionally, data providers can learn more about how to engage with the ecosystem and community.

The company is leading significant advancement in Web3 by expanding its on-chain data capabilities through key partnerships.

With a focus on transparency, security and accessibility, Aptos positions itself as an attractive platform for developers and users in the Web3 space.


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