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In the past few days, I have been notified of a few integrations for Matter Labs zkSync, which have all helped the ecosystem grow faster and with more services. Here are a few of the most notable ones that you can read about.

Growing the Ecosystem

As announced on December 7, the proposal for Hop Protocol to be installed on zkSync 2.0 passed with over 7.9 million votes in favor of its deployment. In the Full Launch Alpha milestone, zkSync 2.0 will be deploying Hop, a protocol that allows tokens to be sent between rollups and between their shared Layer 1 network quickly and trustlessly. This will allow users to move funds and transact with ease across rollups.

“By combining our EVM-compatible zkRollup with the rollup-to-rollup token bridge from Hop Protocol, we are going to enable seamless interoperability for all parts of our zkSync ecosystem and offer a range of exciting new options for our users”.

According to an announcement published on November 30,, the world’s first sovereign-backed digital ID, is integrating with zkSync to enable on-chain KYC on

It is their intention to give users unprecedented access to economic freedom through the implementation of their blockchain-based digital residency program, backed by the Republic of Palau. Moreover, this is the first digital identity platform to support the application and issuance of sovereignty-backed identification cards based on Web3.

The Matter Labs platform zkEVM is integrated with to enable self-sovereign solutions in the emerging domain of digital identity by leveraging the zkEVM platform.

By using cryptography as the foundation of the zero-knowledge proof solution, users will be able to verify their identities without giving away sensitive information about themselves, which will maintain their privacy as they access the web3 world.

The press conference also announced that there would be an integration between 1inch and zkSync 2.0’s mainnet in the near future. Using DeFi protocols as part of their distributed network, they promise to provide users with one-stop access to all DEXes on multiple networks at the best possible rates.

Currently, there are over 3.7 million unique wallets on the platform, and the total volume of transactions to date totals more than $254 billion.

The fact that Matter Labs has made all of these announcements demonstrates the serious intention to grow the ecosystem that it has. There is a desire on their part to be able to offer more decentralized solutions for real-world use cases, but the first step comes from these kinds of partnerships with other blockchain-based services that can be leveraged to expand their portfolio.


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