Algorand Launches Partner Program (APP) to Empower Companies Using Algorand Blockchain

Algorand Launches Algorand Partner Program (APP) to Empower Companies Using Algorand Blockchain
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Algorand Inc., the company behind the open-source, permissionless, pure proof-of-stake blockchain protocol Algorand, has announced a new partner program to accelerate and development of blockchain-powered services and products built on the Algorand platform.

Algorand Inc. announced the news in a press release published on Thursday, November 19. This newly launched Algorand Partner Program (APP) is designed to “build and curate a partner ecosystem that enables and delivers Algorand-based products to market faster, easier, and with end-users in mind.”

Participants of the program are from a wide range of industries, from DeFi startup to traditional financial institutions. The initial participants of the APP are Applied blockchain, Rocket Insights, Mentat Innovations, Blockchain Italia, Nona Digital, Emali, Bluemi, Cartan, IntellectEU, Looptribe, Reach, and Koibanx. Among these participants, Applied Blockchain and IntellectEU have recently introduced new applications built with Algorand technology.

According to Algorand, participants of the program will get unique access to resources and support in building and delivering their Algorand-based offering. They can expand their business in the private and public sectors with organizations at different stages of their blockchain journey. In addition, they will also have access to an exponentially growing market of organizations seeking resources to develop or adopt Algorand-based solutions.


  1. Sean Ford, COO of Algorand, Inc, commented:

“As organizations, central banks, and governments begin to leverage blockchain to transform the way they create value and facilitate an economic exchange the demands to provide organizations with support, resources, and professional services are increasing exponentially. From DeFi startups to traditional financial institutions across a variety of sectors and geographies, Algorand’s Partner Program will help companies navigate their path to building enduring value through blockchain adoption.”

Algorand said that it will bring more partners to APP including consulting firms, system integrators, software development firms, infrastructure, and complementary service providers.

Algorand has seen huge success since its inception in 2019. The platform has demonstrated its ability to solve the blockchain trilemma by delivering the scalability, decentralization, and security needed to support billions of users and transactions.

Adi Ben-Ari, Founder, and CEO of Applied Blockchain commented:

“We have been working with the Algorand team for almost a year on a number of initiatives, and we have found them to be one of the most professional teams in our field. We look forward to deeper collaboration through the partner program, making it easier to define a clear track to building success for our company and our clients on blockchain.”

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