Aleph Zero (AZERO) Rolls Out Integration With Ledger

Aleph Zero (AZERO) Rolls Out Integration With Ledger
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Privacy enhancing layer 1 blockchain, Aleph Zero has initiated an integration with Ledger, the firm behind different hardware wallets like Nano S and Nano X, in an effort to increase the accessibility and security of its native token, AZERO, coin management for users.

In an expeditious world of blockchain technology, companies are putting in fervent efforts to ramp up on-chain adoption along with offering seamless accessibility and stringent security. Numerous companies across different industries are leveraging blockchain technology to create smart contracts that remove the need for third-party administrators and evaluators.

This evolving technology guarantees the fidelity and security of data along with transparency, and the traceability of information across a business network. Owing to such benefits, organizations are embracing blockchain technology at a rapid pace. In the wake of this fast-paced evolution, blockchain companies are pushing forward with unflinching zeal to boost this technology, offering better features and security to their users.

A New Collaboration

Aleph Zero is one of the leading blockchain companies that has carved out a niche for itself. Over the recent past, this layer 1 blockchain has achieved tremendous feats to bolster decentralized finance (DeFi) and Web3. Last month, Aleph Zero introduced a funding program consisting of a $50 million pool to support developers improve Web3 scalability and make DeFi safer.

On May 2, The platform took to Twitter to announce Ledger has started supporting Aleph Zero’s native coin, AZERO, in developer mode. The official release is awaiting a security audit and Ledger’s acceptance before being admitted to Ledger’s public release.

Once the audit results are released and any necessary modifications are made, the integration will be made available to the general public. The developer mode will allow network participants to familiarize themselves with the process and share their feedback to help Aleph Zero, further refine the integration. Aleph Zero wrote,

“This marks a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to increase the accessibility and security of AZERO coin management for our users.”

A New Collaboration

Aleph Zero Bets Big On Security

According to the official blog post, the development will provide Aleph Zero’s community members to manage their AZERO coins using Ledger’s secure hardware wallets, providing additional protection against hacks, malware, and other digital threats. the move aims to push for increased adoption and utility of AZERO coins. Zondex, a company specializing in building back-end tech solutions for blockchain ecosystem projects, has supported the integration.


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