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AITrading: Everything for the management of your wealth

The development of artificial intelligence platforms with blockchain technology is one of the best we have been observing recently in the field. We have reviewed here projects that cover human knowledge, and also the areas of financial services. And it is in this area the project will be discuss here will be developed: AITrading.

AITrading is defined as a blockchain platform and artificial intelligence whereby automatic learning will help both experienced operators and beginners, as well as banks and intermediaries in everything that has to do with trading.

Those who know what the trading activity is like know that signals can happen at various times of the day, and that if they are too busy, they can be lost and wasted. And if we add that there are many analysts, commentators and many talkative nonsense, the possibility of having adequate attention and time is diluted. With this, making decisions then becomes an arduous process in which the time factor spent can result in missed opportunities.

It is also known that due to the risks, time as we mentioned, and the skill involved in trading, operators sometimes lose significant amounts of money in the markets. For this reason, the developers of AITrading consider that their platform is the best solution to solve those situations. AITrading will provide a solution that involves artificial intelligence and blockchain to provide trading signals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in addition to suggesting ideas about portfolio compositions and trading assets with a single click. It will also provide access to the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, with the vision of being an all-in-one solution.

The platform will offer a library with real-time information provided and filtered  by artificial intelligence, in which users will have access to pattern recognition, as well as suggestions for commercial ideas and strategies, and the AIT Portfolio Manager, which includes intelligent coverage, self-test and Alerts for negotiation actions.

AITrading will begin distribution of an ERC-20 token, known as AITT, in a crowdsale that will begin on July 3, 2018. This token will finance the ecosystem and act as a prepayment for subscription services on the platform. The first round of the crowdsale will begin on July 4 and will last until July 30, 2018, and each token will cost € 0.88 ($ 1.04), and the minimum investment is 100 AITT.

The second round of the crowdsale will begin on July 31 and will last until August 28, 2018. The funds raised will be used to develop the ecosystem and serve as pre-sales for subscription to its information and analytical services. At present, they are accepting advance payments for subscriptions through the AITrading web platform or through IndieGoGo.

It is a conception that looks with interesting possibilities of success and that it is worthwhile to scrutinize in more detail. To know more about the technical aspects of this platform, you can check its White Paper, likewise we recommend following them at their Telegram channel to be updated with their crowdsale.

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