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AdsDax Recorded More Than 1 Billion Ad Events on Hedera’s Mainnet

AdsDax Recorded More Than 1 Billion Ad Events on Hedera's Mainnet

Hedera published the latest report about one of the decentralized projects on its blockchain. AdsDax is a decentralized advertising platform on Hedera. Users can benefit from the blockchain nature of this platform and create, buy, and sell advertisements with more transparency and security.

The recent report claims to reach more than 1 billion advertising events on AdsDax. Hedera calls this achievement the biggest one in the advertising industry toward blockchain and DLT infrastructure.

AdsDax platform works using Hedera’s Consensus Service for tracking advertising events. Besides, Hedera’s cryptocurrency is the main currency in AdsDax. The team tries to grow its impact on the industry and move it toward a more decentralized transparent infrastructure.

“We’ve made a huge amount of progress towards our mission to reinvent the advertising industry. This new milestone, combined with our recent 1,372 TPS world record proves our infrastructure and capacity is greater than anyone else’s in the advertising industry right now,” according to Ian Mullins, CEO of AdsDax.

AdsDax recently expanded its network capacity. It reached a significant milestone of over 1,300 transactions per second. Hedera claims this record has been the most significant cryptocurrency tracking and payments event of its kind.

Advertising industry includes various stakeholders and needs transparency and trust at the highest level. Using blockchain solutions ad, the basis for this industry helps to solve some of the most critical issues.

“Ad tracking and accountability is a perfect example of a real-world problem that demands a highly scalable, performant DLT to keep up with the pace of transactions while bringing transparency to all parties involved,” added Lionel Chocron, Chief Product Officer for Hedera. “We congratulate AdsDax on this latest milestone, and on their work with some of the largest ad agencies in the Asia Pacific region, to deliver unprecedented visibility and insights to these agencies and their customers on the true impact of their advertising campaigns.”

India is one of the biggest markets for AdsDax that has seen considerable growth in recent months. Havas Media, GroupM and Isobar are some of the advertising agencies in the country working with AdsDax. Ian Mullins added,

“We are continuing to hit milestone after milestone, and now have one of, if not the, highest throughput live use case for blockchain and distributed ledger technologies.”

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