Adblock Plus and its Blockchain app will detect fake news

Adblock plus y trusted news unidas
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Adblock Plus, the popular extension for web browsers and responsible for filtering content, has announced that it is working with Blockchain to make an app that helps detect fake news.

The application is a web extension called Trusted News, which is currently only available for Google Chrome and uses independent and politically objective data sources to measure the veracity of news content.

Trusted News operates with the MetaCert protocol, an independent organization that works to improve Internet security.

“We believe in the choice of the user and in a free and open Internet for all. Our products are open source, so you can always see what we are doing” says the Adblock Plus team.

This app will alert users if the news of a website is trusted or not and the warning will be done through a traffic light that will indicate the level of truthfulness.

  • Green – Trustworthy (This website makes real and trustworthy publications)
  • Grey – No data to evaluate
  • Red – Not trustworthy (This website makes false or misleading publications)

In addition to these notices the app can add more specific information of the website and the type of content they publish, indicating if a page dedicated to satire, if it is a potentially malicious website (with threats such as: malware, spyware, viruses .. .), if the titles used are deceptive or if their content is generated by third parties (Tweet, blog, podcast …)

What is MetaCert?

metacert collaborates with the trusted news project

Created in 2017 by Paul Walsh, MetaCert was the first security company in the world to develop security integrations for bots and messaging services.
They have worked on projects such as Skype, Slack or Messeger among others and have the largest database of classified URLs in the world.

“The Web today requires a new approach – an approach that can address the hundreds of millions of URLs that are posted every day. MetaCert’s is future-proof and grows with the Web. MetaCert is the only company in the world with the ability to classify social media accounts and folders on websites that contain user-generated content.” says the MetaCert team.

What is Adblock Plus?

adblock plus uses blockchain to prevent false news

Adblock Plus multiplatform web extension was created in 2006 by founder Michael McDonald. Its function is to avoid web elements, such as advertising, improving the user experience and helping to improve the loading speed of the pages.


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