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A Blockchain ecosystem: IBM has just created one

The advent of blockchain technology in everyday life is something that already looks indetenible. One of the areas that has been impacted by this technology is the financial sector. It is well known that blockchain technology has the potential to alter the traditional financial model as well as how international transactions are carried out. This has caused that the big companies put their eyes in the development of this technology and they take their places at the vanguard. Such is the case of IBM that just announced the creation of a blockchain ecosystem to help accelerate the development of the networks of this technology.



A global network of leaders

IBM creating this ecosystem seeks to bring together an authentic network of leaders in the financial sector, especially diverse actors of this activity from an open and collaborative environment, in what they have called Project Hyperledger.


The Hyperledger Project is an open source collaborative effort created to advance blockchain technologies among financial activity actors. It is a global collaboration, including leaders in finance, banking, the Internet, supply chains, manufacturing and technology.


IBM will provide ongoing training and education, in addition to the necessary tools. Also, IBM blockchain professionals will provide technical support through the Slack Hyperledger Fabric channel. Version v1.0 Hyperledger Fabric will provide a modular approach, much like the Internet-network-networking model.


Also IBM will have courses and learning modules available to business users and developers that are already available on developerWorks. These will be updated with code libraries, smart contract templates, and tools currently under development to accelerate the creation of applications. The blockchain ecosystem was born to grow and develop.

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