5 Fast Food Restaurants That Accept Cryptocurrency

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Bitcoin (BTC) has heightened in popularity as a form of payment for many retailers that sell clothing, accessories, and furniture. Now you can grab your favorite fast food using your bitcoin wallet!

Here are five fast food restaurants that accept bitcoin as a form of payment from your crypto wallet. While not every location within some of these franchises has started accepting Bitcoin as payment, there are select locations that are doing it now.

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Burger King

Some Burger King franchises have started accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment for your Whopper meals. However, only 40 franchise locations, mainly in Germany and Venezuela, started accepting crypto payments in 2020. Usually, they require a Bitcoin wallet account such as Lieferservice, to connect to their card machine so you can pay accordingly.

Most of the franchises that were accepting bitcoin as payment in 2020 stopped doing so a year afterward. In 2021, the company distributed bitcoin via Robinhood to its customers who purchased their food within a specified period. Burger King stipulated that you had to sign up for their Royal Perks program and make a purchase of $5 or more that connected to the account to have the crypto prize code submitted to your email.

Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons is another member of Restaurant Brands International Inc alongside Burger King and Popeyes. The Canadian-based coffee and donut chain originated in Canada and has over 600 locations in America.

Tim Hortons franchises in Venezuela have started accepting crypto because of various fast food chains expanding throughout the country. Even though the USD was banned as currency in Venezuela, native investors have transitioned to protecting their money by investing in crypto. The original bolivar currency took a while to stabilize, but it finally happened in early 2022. However, Venezuelans continue to use crypto as a safety net.


Chipotle is one of the few fast food restaurants that have started accepting bitcoin as a form of payment for American consumers besides Starbucks and Shake Shack. The earliest report of Chipotle accepting bitcoin was in June 2022. Customers must be connected to the Flexa app for a Chipotle cashier to process the bitcoin payment.

The chain accepts more than just bitcoin when you want to order burritos and nachos. Flexa has 98 cryptocurrencies available to invest in. Hence, the company accepts Ethereum, Dogecoin, and many other types of crypto, which makes payment versatile for people who may have more of one crypto over the other or they may not have bitcoin for whatever reason.


American consumers frequenting Starbucks for their daily cup of coffee and favorite pastry can now connect the Starbucks app to the iPayYou bitcoin wallet for a seamless and convenient payment option. When you go to pay for your Starbucks order, the crypto from your iPayYou wallet converts to the USD value with Bitcoin Direct in real time to easily deduct from your account whenever you get your java craving.

Alternatively, rather than use USD to fund your Starbucks app, you can transfer any amount of crypto directly to your Starbucks loyalty card before visiting the chain. In El Salvador, customers can make purchases from Starbucks outlets using Bitcoin wallets.


Domino’s lovers can purchase their favorite pizza using Bitcoin. Domino-loving crypto investors must be connected to the Lightninging Pizza Network. Order pizza delivery with either Blue Wallet, which is on iOS and Android, ECLAIR, which is on Android, or CASA, which is available on desktop.

Go to the Lightning Pizza Network on one of these apps, customize your order, input your address, and your crypto wallet will be deducted from the value of the order. Doesn’t your pizza taste cheesier now that you paid for it in Bitcoin?


Could Bitcoin surpass USD in value and desire amongst consumers and investors? Only time will tell! For now, enjoy your burgers, pizza, and coffee that you can purchase with bitcoin.

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