5 Crypto Projects You Should Try


Today, clever folks try to enrich their budgets with the help of cryptocurrency or simply crypto. This method offers multiple options. You should invest in a profitable business, platform, or video game to earn Bitcoins. Before doing that, make sure you possess the necessary information that is trusted. Therefore, make sure you know where to find it.

For example, you may try the help of chainboker.io. It is a legal and popular platform that provides online users with a vast number of possibilities to invest in crypto. By visiting its official site https://chainbroker.io/projects/, you will learn more vital details. In the meanwhile, we’d like to highlight the top-5 crypto projects to follow. They will surely help top earn more Bitcoins and thus become a secure and rich person.

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Scotty Beam

The first project we would like to present is Scotty Beam – a funny and smart hamster. It is the icon of this Bitcoin platform. When you visit the site, you will see that merry hamster who will instruct you about the major possibilities offered by the platform. We will enlist them here below:

  • Transfers of your NTFs across various platforms;
  • Analytics and recommendations on investment;
  • Fair prices;
  • Verification of the cost;
  • Confirmation of the ownership;
  • Multiple variants of partnerships;
  • The best exchange rate;
  • 24/7 access and support, etc.

Simply connect your wallet to the platform and get your tokens! It’s a very beneficial offer.

Meta Spatial

The second project comes as a video game, which already has thousands of followers from various corners of the globe. It is about making war in space. You can move to such planets as the Moon, Venus, Mars, etc. It became possible thanks to a unique spatial portal that leads you to various parts of the universe. The game offers the next options:

  • Play and earn mode;
  • Non-payment mode (does not allow earning Bitcoins);
  • Battles in a single-mode;
  • Team campaigns;
  • Fights against AI.


The third project we propose today is called Polygen. What specific can be told about this project? First of all, it uses launchpad technology. Secondly, it has been reworked it to benefit all the players. It is now decentralized and, so players are not dependent on gatekeepers. This improvement automatically makes this platform very popular. Besides, it offers a wide range of other benefits.

  • Total customization;
  • Freedom from gatekeepers and government;
  • Fair prices;
  • Quick access;
  • User-friendly interface;
  • Event-based tokens;
  • 24/7 supervision;
  • Regular updates;
  • Help with investments;
  • Different Bitcoin projects;
  • Flexible integration.

Mines of Dalarnia

Another beneficial project is called “Mines of Dalarnia”. As you know from the name, you will be busy with mining and the stuff you manage to find there. These are various relics and artifacts, which help to improve yourself. They allow for improving gear and enhancing your skills. This helps to be victorious over your rivals.

Another vital benefit is the complete decentralization of the game. It means that all the items bought o won here are solely yours. Increase your income by being the best miner of the game!

The Monopolist

One of the oldest and popular games in the world is “The Monopolist” has moved on to the Internet! Now you can play it online and even earn Bitcoins. All the features are quite the same. You should:

  • Roll the dice;
  • Buy land and buildings;
  • Set prices for others;
  • Compile fees;
  • Get Bitcoins.

The game was designed for inventive people who have talents in planning business strategies. If you suit those demands, you have high chances to succeed.


All these projects are beneficial for people who are interested in crypto. They help to earn Bitcoins in different ways. Study them all to define which ones will help to earn as many Bitcoins as you need.

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