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Tabarnia Coin, the cryptocurrency promoted by Tabarnia

What is Tabarnia Coin (TAB)?

Tabarnia Coin (TAB) is a project that began on November 20, 2017, where a group of hackers and developers with experience in cryptocurrencies of the provinces of Tarragona and Barcelona, not agreeing with the independence movement, work on the idea of the creation of a new autonomous community with Barcelona and Tarragona (Tabarnia) and for this they have united with the objective of creating a 100% Tabarnese currency.


The ICO for this project has started on March 2 and will end on May 1, where you want to sell 1 million TAB, the initial price of the coin is 0.001 Ethereum for each TAB, therefore 1000 TAB equals 1 Ethereum .

The value in euros of this currency will vary depending on the price of ETH (Ethereum) and at the end of the ICO all coins that have not been sold will be destroyed.

The distribution of tokens will be distributed as follows:

  • 85% will be used for initial public sale.
  • 10% will be reserved to guarantee the sustainability of the project.
  • The remaining 5% will be allocated to marketing campaigns and an airdrop to publicize the product and a part will be distributed to its ambassadors.


Main objectives

According to its website there are three objectives of this ICO:

  • “Promote Tabarnia and fight against separatism. The first objective of this coin is to fight against separatism and that Tabarnia is a place where personal liberties are respected (ideology, language, affiliation, national sentiment …), Tabarnia Coin is the first step towards the “State structures” that Tabarnia needs to.”
  • “An investment according Tabarnia patriotic. As we have already said, 1 million TAB will be available for sale, those that are not sold will be destroyed and will never be created again. They are also working to try to place themselves in the best Exchanges.”
  • “Looking for the practical utility of your token. It is intended that Tabarnia Coin be used to make donations to Tabarnese projects and markets will be developed in which to be used.”


According to the RoadMap these are the following steps of Tabarnia Coin:

May 1 – Final of the ICO (End the public sale of tokens and destruction of the “surplus”)

May 2 – Exchanges (Start of negotiations to enter the main exchange houses)

May 4 – First round of donations

May 20 – First vote (where part of the destination of the funds will be decided)

May 23 – First round of investors (Send funds to selected entities)

May 25 – Application development. (Creation of DApp applications to improve voting, project management and donations)


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